Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase June 2022 Live Coverage – All the news as it happens


Xbox and Bethesda Games

This was quite the torrent of announcements and updates at Bethesda Games and Xbox. Xbox and the Bethesda Games showcase, with Starfield concluding the showcase by providing a detailed review of many of its features including the story, the customization feature as well as planet exploration, and many more.

As the Xbox, as well as the Bethesda Game Showcase, are just a couple of hours away, let’s examine the myriad of coming Xbox Series X games (opens in a new tab) which are believed as being in production and might be included in the showcase today.

In addition to confirming it’ll be running for about 95 minutes, Xbox remains silent about what it’ll include.

According to an Xbox Wire blog post, it was stated that the showcase will consist of “featuring the latest on games from Xbox Game Studios, Bethesda, and our partners from around the world.”

“The show will include everything you want to know about the gaming lineup coming to Xbox and PC, including upcoming releases on Xbox Game Pass, and more.”

If Starfield(opens within a new tab) does not make an appearance during an Xbox or Bethesda event, We’d be extremely surprised. Initially, it was slated for launch in November before its delay until 2023, it’s a good time to reveal the game this afternoon.

Since that debut trailer that debuted at E3 2021, that featured the first alpha footage from in-game of a Constellation employee navigating through some kind of space base, before taking off on an aircraft called Frontier NG 1350. We’ve only seen three installments of Into the Starfield video series. They’ve shown one of the game’s companions and more concept art as well as additional details on the game however, as of now we’ve never actually seen any gameplay.

A significant portion of the show today will likely be devoted to giving us a full overview of what we’ll be doing with Bethesda Game Studios’ first new IP in more than 25 years. It’s good news, Todd Howard recently stated that Bethesda has been “putting the finishing touches on Starfield”(opens in a new tab) It seems like the right time to get a new look.

It’s the same as Redfall(opens within a new tab) which is an open-world, co-op FPS developed by Arkane which are the teams behind Prey as well as Dishonored. The game will let you take on the role of a group of survivors who are trying to escape the town of Redfall located situated in Massachusetts which is a prison for vampires that have shut out sunlight and cut off the island completely.

A movie trailer was released at the last E3 with the initial ‘Summer 2022’ release date, but it is now in the early part of 2023. It’s not too surprising, though since we’ve not seen anything from the game until now. This could be the right time to make a change.

We’ve been waiting for two years now since we last saw glimpses of Avowed(opens in a new tab) Avowed is the brand new first-person RPG developed by Fallout: New Vegas and The Outer Worlds developer, Obsidian. Since then it’s been a while since Microsoft along with Obsidian has been silent about the game which leaves us with nothing other than the teaser trailer over the two years following E3 2020.

We do know that it’s an RPG for fantasy located within similar universes that is Pillars of Eternity, and combat will incorporate the use of runes to create magic and swords. The job listings that were released in the year 2019 first mentioned the game having a branching narrative as well. What we will see in this intriguing game is an open question.

Joanna Dark is making a comeback by Perfect Dark(opens in new tab) receiving a revamp by the teams of The Initiative and Crystal Dynamics. It was first announced in The Game Awards back in December of 2020, it’s yet another Xbox game that’s remained in the shadows. You’re likely sensing some sort of pattern there…

It’s going as an FPS which focuses on the super-spy genre, but The developer The Initiative has said it intends to keep it rapid-paced, with an emphasis on physicality. The teaser trailer showcased an environment ravaged by environmental catastrophes, a sci-fi futuristic style, and camera images that look like they’re directly from an inside-game drone. We’re waiting to find out more!


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