US Election 2020: Donald Trump, Joe Biden and their promises to the people of America


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Incumbent President Donald Trump is seeking a relection while democratic rival Joe Biden is seeking his maiden stint to The White House.

US Election 2020: With just a day left for the election day (November 3) in the United States to decide who will sit in The White House for the next four years, both the incumbent President Donald Trump and Democratic rival Joe Biden are making their last pitch to the voters trying last minute change of mind before they hit the ballot button. Though the counting day is today, it won’t come as a surprise if we are not able to see the final results at the end of the day as due to the pandemic, voters were given option to caste it via mail including the existing ways, therefore, it may take a bit more to know whether Trump succeeds in relection or will it be Biden who will get the ticket to The White House. Meanwhile, let’s take a look at promises that Trump and Biden made during their entire campaign to voters on employment opportunities, dealing with the pandemic, healthcare system, immigrants, China and a host of other issues. FULL COVERAGE

Donald Trump’s promises

  • Developing a vaccine for coronavirus by the end of 2020 and work towards bringing the country back to normal in 2021, preparing for future pandemics
  • Creating 1 crore (10 million new jobs). 
  • Trump has also promised to cut taxes that will increase take home pay and retaining jobs in America. 
  • Converting United States into a manufacturing superpower in order to end reliance on China. 
  • Continueing derugulatory agenda for energy independence. 
  • Putting focus on teaching American exceptionalism.

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  • On healthcare, Trump has promised he will bring new health plan proposing low insurance premiums, cover all pre-existing conditions (something which he has also promised in presidential debates), protect social security and medicare. The president has also promised to protect veterans and word-class healthcare, services.
  • Donald Trump has promised to block illelegal immigrants from becoming eligible for welfare schemes funded by taxpayers’ money, healthcare, free college tuition. 
  • He has said that his government will make sure mandatory deportation for non-citizen gang members. 
  • Prohibit American companies from replacing US citizens with lower-cost foreign workers. 
  • Requiring new immigrants to be able to support themselves financially.

Joe Biden’s promises

  • Joe Biden has promised free coronavirus vaccines to all the americans if he wins the election.
  • Biden said he will fix Trump’s testing-and-tracing fiasco, personal protective equipment problems.
  • He has said that his government will provide clear, consistent, evidence-based national guidance plan for the effective equitable distribution of treatment and vaccines. 
  • Protecting aged americans and those at high risk during the pandemic. 
  • Making wearing masks mandatory. 
  • Rebuild and expand the defenses that Trump has dismantled to predict prevent and mitigate pandemic threats including those coming China. 
  • To bring back jobs, Joe Biden has promised he will provide state, local, tribal government with the aid they need so that educators firefighters and other essential workers aren’t being laid off. 
  • Extend COVID crisis unemployment insurance to help those who are out of work. 
  • Working towards providing package for main street businesses and entreprenieurs those hit during the pandemic to help them come back. 
  • Joe Biden has also promised to force China to play by the international rule on trade, treatment of foreign companies and its actions in South China Sea. 
  • Reforming US’s immigration system to welcome immigrants in our communities. 
  • Rescind the un-American travel and refugee bans, also referred to as “Muslim bans”, reassert America’s commitment to asylum-seekers and refugees, tackle the root causes of irregular migration, and implement effective border screening.

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