Urfi Javed set fire during monsoon season. The audience said you should take part in fashion designing


Urfi Javed set fire during monsoon season

Urfi Javed set fire during monsoon season. Viewers said that you should take part in fashion designing: Hello friends aka Javed always gets trolled on social media because of his strange outfits. But once again the audience has got a chance to troll.

Recently, Urfi Javed wore such a dress, due to which he had to become a victim of Oops Moment. A video has been released on Instagram account in which Urfi Javed is seen wearing a rope dress over a bikini.

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While sharing the video, the actress wrote in the caption whether it is winter or summer monsoon. The actress is dressed in such a way that seeing that she has become a victim of the Oops moment.

The actress is being trolled a lot on social media. But want to tell you that enjoying the monsoon was overshadowed by the actress.
Want to tell you that ever since the rains have come in Mumbai, the actress has started having fun.

Want to tell that Urfi Javed has worn something this time, after seeing which you are also going to be ashamed.
Dressed in blue and orange, Urfi Javed has set the monsoon season on fire.

Sometimes in front of the mirror and sometimes showing bold scenes, the actress has driven everyone crazy. Commenting on the audience, wrote that with this rope cows and buffaloes are tied in our village.

Some people gave their opinion that you should take part in fashion designing. It’s okay if you haven’t seen the video yet
Some pictures are given in our information, from here you can get an idea
The urfi Javed is looking so hot during the monsoon season. Share if you liked the information.


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