TMKOC, 20 December 2021, Written Update: Popatlal sends away the family that came with marriage proposal


In today’s episode, when a family arrives at Popatlal with a marriage proposal, the members of society want to confirm it first before escorting them home. The family claims that their daughter’s marriage has already been finalised, and the issue is that their prospective son-in-law wants to be seen on TV, so they came to Popatlal to inquire about how to participate in KBC. The family members say that if their son-in-law does not comply, Popatlal will become their second son-in-law. When Popatlal asks them to leave, they explain that they came with a marriage proposal for their second daughter and that they are now upset and would not marry her to Popatlal. Then Popatlal and other members of society apologise for the misunderstanding and invite them to their home. The family leaves. 

Popatlal’s confidence is boosted by Madhvi and Kokila. A family comes to Popatlal, and he gets excited. The couple ask him how he came on TV. Popatlal sends them away. Another family arrives at Popatlal, takes selfies, and then departs. Then two more families arrive and ask if he can take them to see Amitabh Bachchan. 

Fuming with anger, he calls his boss and asks him about the astrologer who works for their paper. Popatlal says that the astrologer is a fraud and that whatever he says, the exact opposite happens. Popatlal scolds the astrologer. The astrologer asks Popatlal to turn the page as he has read only half the horoscope. Popatlal gets calmed down and apologises to the astrologer. When Popatlal asks the astrologer to tell him about his future and his marriage, the astrologer cuts the call. 

The astrologer calls Popatlal and asks him to consult his wife, who is a Vaastu expert, and she might suggest some changes that can lead to his marriage. Popatlal gets happy and dances. Madhvi prepares a sweet dish for Popatlal. When Komal, Bhide, and Madhvi reach Popatlal’s house, they are shocked to see him dancing.

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