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This new Google Maps feature will help prevent accidents – Times of India




NEW DELHI: Tech giant Google is regularly working on its navigation app — Google Maps in order to make it more user friendly. Recently, the company introduced an environmentally friendly way to discover the fastest route.
Now, as per an online report Google is working on a new feature which will route users away from roads where drivers are known for braking hard which leads to accidents.
According to Auto-Evolution, Google Maps will not suggest a fastest route to a particular destination. Infact Google Maps will identify when drivers are braking hard, which usually means an increase in the chances of crashes. In this case, Google Maps will offer an alternative route to the driver which is supposed to be safer.
As per the report Google says, “Google is equipping Google Maps with features to determine the routes where drivers are more likely to slam on the brakes should substantially improve the safety on public roads. Over 100 million hard-braking events could be eliminated every year if this Google Maps is properly implemented and drivers end up going on safer routes.”
In order to determine the dangerous routes Google will take help of the sensors which are placed inside drivers’ mobile devices. The accelerometers and gyroscopes can spot areas on the road “where there is sudden deceleration pointing to hard braking.”
Along with this, the report also claims that Google’s AI system can further collect data from nearby devices which are running on the same route in order to understand what triggered hard braking. The report also mentioned that the company will soon roll out the feature for both Android and iOS users.