There was something very sacred: Priyanka Chopra on paying 'homage' to Sati's 'Indian roots' in Matrix 4


Priyanka Chopra Jonas has recently opened up on the weight that she felt while playing an iconic character like Sati in The Matrix Resurrections. During her interview with Entertainment Weekly, the actress discussed the preparations that the team undertook to bring the character to life.

“It was really fun, at least in the physicality, even with the hair, to have references to young Sati,” Priyanka said while adding that the movie tried to pay “homage” to Sati’s “Indian roots.” “Even the clothes, we treated her like a warrior but at the same time had a homage to her Indian roots. We used colours which were Indian. We had borders of sarees,” the actress stated, via Entertainment Weekly.

Calling them “amazing,” Chopra Jonas gushed about the “little details” that the team of The Matrix Resurrections put together for Sati and how that enhanced her performance as the character. Speaking about director Lana Wachowski’s vision for Sati, Priyanka told Entertainment Weekly that the two of them had discussed “the older version of Sati and where she comes into play with Neo and Trinity’s journey.”

Chopra Jonas also revealed that playing the older version of the character gave her “a lot of freedom.” While speaking to Entertainment Weekly, she also opened up on the “burden and responsibility of living up to the expectation of what and who she [Sati] would be as an adult.” Priyanka said being Sati was “fun and challenging” while also noting that she pondered upon many “creative interpretations” while playing the role.

The Matrix Resurrections was released on December 22. Have you seen the Keanu Reeves and Carrie Anne Moss starrer yet? Tell us in the comments below. You can read Pinkvilla’s review on the movie in the ‘ALSO READ’ section.

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