The trailer for Adam Driver’s latest movie, Annette, has been released

Annette, directed by Leos Carax, opened at the Cannes Film Festival in July to a standing ovation. Expect a very different side to Kylo Ren when the psychedelic new rock opera debuts in the UK on April 12.

Ron and Russell Mael of the Sparks band wrote the screenplay for Carax’s first English-language feature, Annette, which also features songs from La La Land and Bohemian Rhapasody’s music producer Marius de Vries.

The star of the film is a girl named Annette, played by a doll rather than a real person. How many actors and actresses will Annette star in, and when will UK fans be able to watch it in UK theaters?

Annette – When will it be released?

The new musical will be released in UK theaters on Friday, September 3. For those in the United States, the film was released in theaters on August 6 and will be available on Amazon Prime Video on August 20.

The trailer for Adam Driver’s latest movie, Annette, has been released

Annette – What do we know about casting members?

Annette plays Adam Driver as a stand-up comedian who falls in love with the world-famous opera singer Marion Cotillard (Inception, Contagion). Devyn McDowell is joined by Simon Helberg in her role as Annette (The Big Bang Theory). These actors are part of the cast:

Angèle, Kiko Mizuhara, Julia Bullock, Claron McFaddenm, Natalie Mendoza and Noémie Schellens as the six prosecutors.

Natalia Lafourcade as LAPD Police Officer

Kanji Furutachi as Doctor

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Rebecca Sjowall as Connie O’Connor

Nino Porzio as Sheriff Garoni

What is the storyline for Annette about?

After falling in love, Henry and Ann begin their high-profile romance. With the birth of their first child, Annette, the beautiful couple’s life is turned upside down. Meanwhile, Henry’s own career takes a hit and their marriage begins to crumble.

When Henry first meets Ann, he says, “What I see in her is clear.” What does she see in me? The latter is even more confusing.’” After the birth of their child, the video shows a musical montage of their love and passionate relationship. It will be published in the UK on September 3.

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