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The masked singer season 6: Larry the Cable Guy under baby mask
The masked singer season 6: Larry the Cable Guy under baby mask

There was a new episode of The masked singer tonight on Fox and to no one’s surprise some of these performances were weird. In fact, the giant singing baby might be the closest we’ve come to pure nightmare fuel in the series in a while.

So who ended up being eliminated? In the end it was the Baby – no more nightmares for all of us! This voice was so eccentric and strange and with that we knew it had to be a very special voice! It turned out that this voice was none other than the famous comedian Larry the Cable Guy. There was no way he’d ever stay on the show that long.

There’s a certain irony that Larry is under this mask, similar to when we saw Kermit the Frog on the show in the past. Larry the Cable Guy himself is a character, someone that not everyone realizes is a character, but very much so. So basically this whole piece was a performer singing as one character while in there he was another character. Nice meta, isn’t it? We love that Larry was willing to be the baby as it was one of the more embarrassing costumes of the season.

Overall, we’re enjoying this season, but at the same time, it feels like some parts of the show are starting to get predictable. Some guesses are a bit crazy and it feels like the show is hitting some buzz-worthy segments. For example, look at Jenny McCarthy eating a hot pepper. Did we really need that? There is some good talent though, so that helps keep things appealing from a singing standpoint.

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