Ted Lasso’s Season 2 Fan Blacklash: Emmy Award Nomination and Upcoming Episodes


In the world of growing entertainment around us, we eagerly love the whole concept of watching great shows on the weekend. Lockdown has taught us a lot and many people love the idea of ​​binge watching. Although the new term has become popular, there are still many new series that are perfect, including Ted Lasso. Lately season 2 of Ted Lasso has been on the telly and you should definitely know what it is.

Recently released, Ted Lasso’s Season 2 initially started with the release of the first season in 2020. Immediately. The show gained a huge fan base and even became one of the most watched series of the year. Within a few days, the creators finally renewed the series for season 2.

A comedy-entertainment drama is always lived by the audience and this AppleTV+ show has had many successes and acclaim. Not only this, but Ted Lasso’s fanbase is truly insane. In the days following Ted Lasso’s Season 2 announcement, fans took to the internet to show their excitement and show the series at its peak.

With all this hype around the internet, don’t you want to know about the show? It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan or a new viewer, you’ll find everything about Ted Lasso Season 2 here. Keep scrolling to find out everything.

Ted Lasso: a comedy series

For people, football is not a sport, but a feeling that can only be understood by other players. I don’t know if you’re a big fan of football or watch FIFA to match the hype, but this series is definitely something else. For a football player it is a must to watch the series and you never get bored with it.

With tons of jokes about football and about the characters of the movie, Ted Lasso is here. Created by Jason Sudeikis, Bill Lawrence, Joe Kelly and Brendan Hunt, only for the famous AppleTV+. After the first season of the sports comedy-drama relied on the screen, I knew I had to see it. Likewise, I’ve already watched tons of promos and they all look super funny and hilarious. With all the excitement among the football fans, Apple TV+ Ted Lasso’s first season launched in 2020.

Based on the real-life characters of the same name and following the lives of NBC sports, the first season showcases the walking ratings among the people. Within days, the show became the hot topic of discussion, with people going crazy over the series.

Ted Lasso’s Season 2: Announcement

After Ted Lasso’s season 1 released its final episode in 2020 within four days, the creator released the official statement. The statement states that season 2 of Ted Lasso has been renewed by the officials. The announcement was released so early, but somehow we knew it would happen, but so soon? Nobody knew.

After Ted Lasso’s Season 2 was announced, audiences were eager to see what’s next in the series. The comedy series also got a confirmed release date. It was announced that the series would be available to stream on AppleTV+ on July 23, 2021.

Despite Ted Lasso’s Season 2 doing great, the recent fan reaction caused more chaos among the people. However, nothing really changed between the ratings and viewership of the show. But the backlash caused several major problems for the series as well as the cost of having a chance at the awards ceremonies. We will discuss all about this Backlash in the next topic. If you don’t know about it, take a moment to read about it.

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Ted Lasso’s Season 2: Fan Backlash for the Final Season

Ted Lasso’s season 2 has reportedly become the most-watched series of the year and also the highest-rated series compared to the first season. The series gets positive reactions from the fans and the love is huge. When season 2 released more episodes, a fan took to the series and the backlash started.

While all of these things didn’t hurt the show, from the ratings to the viewership, some fans feared it would take its chance at the Emmy awards. For any TV series, Emmy awards are their highest honors and getting them is an achievement in itself. Recently Emmy Awards nominated the show for multiple categories, the prominent ones being: for its protagonist star Jason Sudeikis.

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Some reports say that the series could lose its chances of winning the Emmy Awards due to the fan reaction and even the odds are quite high. With the lead actor as the top pick among the Emmy nominations, it may have been turned down.

This worried all Ted Lasso’s loyal fans. But recently, other news broke which concluded that a single opinion about the nomination cannot make a big change. Belloni also released a statement referencing the subject, saying:

“Lasso is still leading the way, according to forecasters. There is growing opposition to Lasso’s silly and meandering second season.”

Ted Lasso’s Season 2: How Many Episodes Are There?

The second season is officially here and contains a total of 12 episodes. The number of episodes has increased by 2 compared to what we saw in the first season.

The first season of Ted Lasso came out on August 14, 2020 and then the second season came in 2021. The second season has a total of 12 episodes with 2 additional episodes.

Coming to the seventh episode, the latest upcoming installment of the series.

Throughout the seasons, the episodes do amazingly well and develop into more remarkable themes. It seems that season 2 of Ted Lasso is comparatively better than season 1 and the fans are also happy about all the latest jokes they have heard.

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Is there an official trailer for the series?

The series has already released the official trailer for the second season, AppleTV+ was quick to release a trailer that makes the series look more interesting than ever. Both the official trailer of Ted Lasso’s season 2 has been watched by millions of times.

If you missed the official Ted Lasso season 2 video, we’re in it. Watch the trailer and find everything about the series with us!

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