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NEW DELHI: Why are children less likely to become infected with SARS-CoV2? A recent study published in Science magazine says it could be that children already have antibodies to other coronaviruses and these antibodies may block SARS-CoV2, saving children from the new pandemic. A group of researchers at Francis Crick Institute in London, led by George Kassiotis, who heads the Retroviral Immunology Laboratory at the institute, reported that on an average, only 5% of adults have these antibodies, as compared to 43% of children.
About one in five of the colds that infect children are caused by viruses from this family. Antibodies developed during these colds may help children fight SARS-COV2. Researchers assessed blood samples taken before the pandemic from over 300 adults and 48 children and adolescents and compared them with samples from more than 170 people who had been infected with the new coronavirus. The study showed many children, and some adults, carried one antibody in particular that can prevent coronaviruses.
Now, researchers are planning to expand the study to examine it further. Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, different studies have shown that the infection affects children and adults differently. The number of children infected seems to be much lower than that of adults, even as children are usually a risk group for serious respiratory infections. Even in cases where children have got infected, the disease has usually remained mild.

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