South Korean zombie film Train To Busan gets American remake

Earlier this year, Deadline reported that New Line was in negotiations with Timo Tjahjanto to direct the film, which will be based on the wildly popular South Korean film.

The 2016 zombie apocalypse thriller was originally directed by Sang-Ho Yeon and became an international Box Office hit. It even spawned a sequel in 2020 titled Train to Busan: Peninsula.

Credit: Next Entertainment World
Credit: Next Entertainment World

On the US rerun, James Wan, Michael Clear, Nicolas Atlan and Terry Kalagian will act as producers and Gary Dauberman will adapt the screenplay.

According to Deadline, when the rights to the film hit the market, there was a flurry of interest from numerous studios eager to get their hands on the film — with New Line being the lucky studio to emerge victorious.

the plot of Train to Busan is about a zombie outbreak in South Korea, in which passengers aboard a train from Seoul to Busan struggle to survive.

The remake has been questioned by some fans of the original, with one skeptical Twitter user posting: “Whe’s trying to ruin Train to Busan by making one remake when you can just watch it literally with subtitles?”

Credit: Next Entertainment World
Credit: Next Entertainment World

Another said: “Instead of wasting your money on seeing an inferior remake, just watch the wildly successful South Korean zombie thriller Train to Busan.”

While a third person added: “Why is there a remake if Gong Yoo’s performance can’t be beat. Watch Train to Busan.”

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However, Tjahjanto has since suggested via Twitter that the remake will exceed expectations “above and beyond.”

He then praised Wan, posting, “I had to add that James [Wan] has been my hero since college.

“As a South-East Asian kid from a conventional middle-class family who doesn’t really encourage artistic endeavors (i.e. blowing heads, smearing fake blood), his rise of Saw inspired many of our SEA genre doofus [sic].”

For now, the remake is still in pre-production and no official release date has been announced, but we’ll keep you updated once it’s revealed.

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