Slingshot: Casey Affleck, Laurence Fishburne & Emily Beecham to STAR in upcoming sci fi thriller


The cast of the sci-fi thriller Slingshot has been announced, with Casey Affleck (Manchester by the Sea), Laurence Fishburne (The Matrix), and Emily Beecham (Little Joe) leading the cast about an astronaut struggling to maintain his grip on reality aboard a potentially fatally compromised mission to Saturn’s moon, Titan.

As per The Hollywood Reporter, Slingshot is produced by Richard Saperstein (Hancock, Seven, 1408), with Beau Turpin, Ivett Havasi, Shara Kay, Michael Hollingsworth, Matthew Dwyer, Ron Cundy, Nikolett Barabás, Jonathan Krauss, Brooklyn Weaver, and Joanna Plafsky serving as executive producers. WME Independent is in charge of sales. However, the project is directed by Mikael Hfström (Outside the Wire), and main filming starts on December 1 at Korda Studios and various sites in and around Budapest. Slingshot is a film produced by Astral Pictures in collaboration with Bluestone Entertainment and the Hungarian financial firm Széchenyi Funds. 

“Slingshot is a wonderful match of filmmaker and material,” said Bluestone Entertainment CEO Richard Saperstein, via THR. “I thought of Mikael the moment I first read the script. I am thrilled to embark on this production together in Hungary with our partners at Széchenyi Funds, and an incredible cast and crew.”

Meanwhile, production designer Barry Chusid (Source Code) and director of photography Pär M Ekberg are among the creative team members (Polar). Lorne Balfe will write the music (Black Widow). The costume designer is Caroline Harris (Outside the Wire), and the casting directors are Chelsea Ellis Bloch and Marisol Roncali of Atomic Honey.

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