Shawn Mendes REACTS to being memed at MET Gala; Makes hilarious new video in response


Footballer Connor Wood recently made a hilarious video with Shawn Mendes, in response to his viral Met Gala moment, in a post shared to TikTok. If you didn’t see Connor’s post on TikTok, the athlete posted a video that featured Mendes enjoying a drink. “Nice beer,” Wood told him. “It’s kind of giving share,” which was a play on his viral meme moment from the MET. Shawn then offered as they both laughed. Captioning the video: “I think we should all give a little more share,” Wood also tagged the singer. 

If you didn’t get the reference, Wood was referring to Mendes and Camila Cabello’s Vogue video where they prepped for the Met Gala and had a similar exchange. In the Vogue video, Mendes complimented Camila’s outfit by saying, “It’s giving Cher,” which soon became a viral meme. 

One wrote on Twitter: “Shawn Mendes saying ‘it’s giving cher’ is in a constant loop in my head.” Added another, “Just bought Shawn tickets it’s giving cher!!” Even Lizzo tweeted about the remark—sharing a photo of herself standing next to Mendes and writing,”IM ALWAYS GIVING CHER, HOE.”

In other news, Shawn, along with girlfriend Camila Cabello, recently performed to their hit single Senorita at the Global Citizen Live concert in New York. The couple delivered a passionate performance as they left fans cheering for them and their chemistry on stage. In one of the most adorable moments, the duo also got romantic and shared a sweet kiss on stage!

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