Sean Astin Photobombs Woman Twice, Two Decades Apart


Cameras love Sean Astin — even when it is someone else’s photograph.

A Reddit user recently posted an adorable story about the Lord of the Rings star photobombing her not once, but twice more than two decades apart.

In her story, which included both the pictures, the Reddit user explained that the first Astin incident occurred in 1993 at a party for President Bill Clinton which she attended with her friends and father.

“I think this was the MTV ball so the crowd was younger and lots of celebrities were there,” the Reddit user wrote. “While we waited for Clinton to make his appearance my dad took a picture of us. We had no idea Sean was standing there let alone he photobombed us until we developed the film.”

Sure enough, there is Astin in the picture, grinning. Since it was 1993, it is likely his football classic Rudy had just come out.

The same Reddit user would have another run-in with Astin 26 years later at Disneyland when she visited for the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and the actor just happened to stroll by with his family, she wrote.

“I ask my hubby if I should try and show Sean the photo (which I had in my phone) and he said, ‘Go for it.’ So I run after Sean and yell ‘Excuse me, Sean, you photobombed me, do you want to see the picture?!’” she wrote. “He stopped and said, ‘Sure’ and while I pulled up the photo, I give him the backstory. When he and his wife and daughter see the photo they were so excited. And then he says ‘Let’s recreate it!’ And that’s how I was photobombed twice by Sean Astin.”

And sure enough, 26 years later, there is Astin at it again in a second sweet photo.

The Reddit post has nearly 8,000 upvotes.

See the adorable pictures in the link below.

Actor Sean Astin photobombed me in ‘93 at D.C. inaugural ball and then again 26 yrs later at Disneyland! from MadeMeSmile