SC officials monitor special education in Jasper County


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Jasper County schools have been put under special surveillance from The South Carolina Education Department after an annual review of special education programs found the district didn’t follow the guidelines and rules.

The program began at the beginning of March as per an email by the Education Department to the school district superintendent.

Monitoring with focus is under the state of emergency that allows an agency of the government to assume the regional school district.

Jasper County has been asked to submit records of their special-education programs in the last two years, and The state department will utilize the information to develop plans to assist the school district in resolving its issues as well, states Education Department spokesman Ryan Brown informed The Post and Courie r.

Jasper County has also had problems getting students back and forth to school buses. The government agency also is looking into the issues, Brown said.

Students who don’t get services in school due to issues with transportation should receive an opportunity to substitute for those services, however Jasper County hasn’t provided it, Brown said.

“Nothing was being done to ensure the instruction they missed and the services they may require were being provided to them,” Brown stated to the newspaper.

Jasper County schools did not respond to The Post and Courier.


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