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Sameera Reddy shares a cheerful video of her kids as they recover from COVID-19 – Times of India



Sameera Reddy informed her followers on social media that her kids – Hans and Nyra and husband Akshai had tested positive for Coronavirus. The actress and her family soon moved into isolation and started the necessary care to battle the virus. As they recover, Sameera shared a cute video of her kids enjoying their time together. “My much needed dose of happy, the sweetest music to my ears,” Sameera had captioned the video which captured Hans and Nyra in a playful mood.

Previously, Sameera had revealed that her son Hans was the first one to show the symptoms of the novel coronavirus, followed by their daughter. “The past week Hans had high fevers, headaches, body ache, upset tummy and severe fatigue. It lasted for 4 days. It was very unusual so we tested him and he was COVID positive. Immediately Nyra started showing symptoms. She had fevers and upset tummy. I gave her cold compress and paracetamol on SoS. Me and Akshai tested positive soon after the kids,” Sameera had shared.

Sharing a message of positively, Sameera had further added, “I have to admit initially I did feel complete panic because however much you think you are prepared, you just never completely are for something like this. This is the time to be smart and focus on what helps. Not negative. Not fearful. Just be alert to protect yourself and others. We have to be mindful of this. It is the only way. I will continue to make my happy content because positivity is my biggest strength right now. Stay strong. Stay safe.” Sameera had also shared that her mother-in-law had tested negative for COVID-19 and is living separately.