Roja, 10th November 2021, Written Update: Divya comes to kill Shenbagam

In today’s episode, Roja is relieved to see Arjun heal. She goes to Shenbagam and applies saffron on her forehead as a goddess’s blessing. Shenbagam gets flashes of her past. 

The next day, the doctor informs Shenbagam that she is recuperating quickly and that she is gradually being liberated from her amnesia state, and that she would be OK in a few days. When Pooja inquires of the doctor about Shenbagam’s ability to recall her past and recognize her daughter. Yashoda yells that Anu, not Roja, is Shenbagam’s daughter. A guy contacts Divya and notifies her about the hospital situation. Divya tells Sakshi that if Saraswathi is still alive, Anu and Sakshi would be imprisoned. to Sakshi asks Divya to kill Saraswathi.

Roja sobs when she sees Arjun and Shenbagam’s situation. Chandrakantha arrives and questions Roja, Ashwin, and Pooja about why they didn’t notify her about all of this earlier. She tells Roja to unwind and that she will manage everything from now on. She arranges security for Arjun and Shenbagam’s safety.

To enter the hospital, Divya disguises herself as a nurse. She sends one of the goons to distribute sweets in the hospital. People in the hospital swoon after eating sweets. Divya prepares to stab Shenbagam but is surprised to discover Chandrakantha in her place. Chandrakantha engages in combat with goons and Sakshi.

Pooja and Ashwin approach Divya and discuss how they learned about her intention to harm Shenbagam. Roja continuously smacks Divya. Chandrakantha demands Divya to surrender, but Divya denies knowing who Sakshi is. Roja arrives at Shenbagam and bursts into tears.

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