Red Dead online: Rockstar Games to launch standalone version of Red Dead Online next month – Times of India


Red Dead Redemption 2 was launched by Rockstar Games last year and soon the game developer introduced an online multiplayer version to the game by the name Red Dead Online. Now, the company is launching a standalone version of the Red Dead Online game on December 1 and it will be available via Rockstar Games Launcher, Epic Games Store, Steam, Microsoft Store and PlayStation Store.
Rockstar Games is initially launching the game at the introductory price of $5 till February 21. Post that the game will cost $20. The Red Dead Online standalone game will also offer the option to unlock the single-player story mode Red Dead Redemption 2 after paying the additional cost of the game.
Despite being a toned down version from the actual game, the game still required around 123GB of free storage space. The game is also compatible with next-generation consoles — Xbox Series X|S and PS5 via Backward compatibility. However, users will need PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold to play the game.
With the standalone Red Dead Online, Rockstar Games is also offering several new add-on benefits such as expansion of bounty hunter role next week with more ranks, legendary bounties and more.

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