Parineeti Chopra: I’ve felt from the start of my career that the audience is open to unconventional content – Times of India


Parineeti Chopra, with three film releases in quick succession, feels quite relieved and excited to find herself being cast in projects for which she is not an obvious choice. Two of her films, including Amole Gupte’s Saina Nehwal biopic, titled Saina, released in cinemas, while the Girl On The Train remake dropped online. When she had started her journey in the early 2010s, the film business operated differently. OTT platforms were not in sight, let alone being a competitive domain for content exhibition. Things have virtually changed in the last year, with content increasingly being dropped on digital platforms, and the platforms throwing up a plethora of promising actors.

Bring this up with her, and Parineeti says, “I’ve felt from the start of my career that the audience is open to unconventional content. What has changed is the way this fact has been underlined by OTT platforms. It got reinstated during the lockdown because one had no choice but to get entertainment online. Platform releases are almost as big as cinema releases which will take some time to get back on track. In fact, they should thrive together. I got messages from all over the world for my film which dropped online, which doesn’t always happen with theatrical openings. Also, the variety of roles on platforms is huge. When I made my debut, and also a few films subsequently, I felt that people liked how different the content was. I was appreciated because I was doing something unique. I am glad I will be able to do that again. I can now be a part of films that I am not the obvious choice for. I didn’t realise that the audience always wanted me to do this. It was a weird catch-22 situation. To get to do something different, I had to prove that I can do different things. And how would I have done it, if Saina and GoTT didn’t come my way? Thanks to these films, the work coming to me now is what I always wanted to do. It supports my real image which is different from the image that was stuck to me for a long time – in real life, I am not the chulbuli girl that I’ve played too often on screen.”

Elaborating on the competition emerging from the digital space, she says, “The OTT platforms have put the spotlight on some brilliant actors who went unnoticed otherwise. They are getting their due which is heartening to see. I am working with some of them now, and the experience is fabulous.”


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