Nene Leakes Says Husband Gregg “Transfers To The Other Side”


The former RHOA star gets emotional in an Atlanta lounge, sharing that her 24-year-old husband is “transferring to the other side”

The husband of the former Housewives of Atlanta star Nene Leakes is “passing over to the other side”, she announced to the customers Saturday night in an Atlanta lounge.
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Gregg Leakes, 67, was diagnosed with stage three colon cancer in 2018. He has been in remission ever since, until a few months ago when Leakes announced her husband’s cancer had returned.

During the 11th season of Real Housewives of Atlanta, viewers were able to see the difficulties the couple endured while coping with Gregg’s cancer and trying to maintain a healthy marriage.

“Hope you enjoy the lounge tonight,” Leakes said before opening up to the public about her husband’s condition. “Please, I’m asking everyone in this lounge, I had no idea I was going to walk in here and grab this microphone and make this announcement, but I want to say this… I want to be at peace. If you see me and you see my son, give us lots of love, okay? My husband is going over to the other side… You don’t know what we’re dealing with now.’

The two have been married for 24 years and have two sons together.

Reality TV stars NeNe Leakes and Greg Leakes pose for photos at the May 2019 SWAGG store opening at MGM National Harbor in Oxon Hill, Maryland. (Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images for MGM National Harbor)

The sad news about Gregg comes months after Leakes opened up to the brand jasmine in a live chat on Instagram about his return from cancer.

“He has been in the hospital, tomorrow is a week,” she said in the interview at the end of June. “I’m sure he’ll be home in a week or so. He had to have surgery [because] his cancer came back.”

Parts of Gregg’s Journey to Remission were documented in the Real Housewives of Atlanta in 2019. The couple’s emotional journey was filled with tears, arguments, tears and general anxiety about how to mend their relationship while both individuals were under insurmountable stress.

At one point, Leakes offered that the couple getting divorced amid Gregg’s treatment to contain tensions in the house. The couple divorced in 2011, before remarrying in 2013.

“This is our business, so when people approach us and say, ‘You’re rude,’ because you don’t want to say ‘Happy Birthday,’ my husband is dying at home,” Leakes said to members of the public who called her “rude” for not recognizing a birthday in the crown.

Colon or colorectal cancer disproportionately affects African Americans, because they are 20% more likely to get cancer and 40% more likely to die from it.

The Death of Blank Panther Actor Chadwick Boseman in 2020, who was? quietly fighting the cancer for four years, shed light on the importance for African Americans, and black men in particular, to be screened for the deadly disease.

“So please give us some respect. Give us some love, okay,” Leakes continued to the crowd. “You see my son here, he’s in pain, I’m in pain… We walked in here because we have to get in here because we have this case, but my husband is losing his life right now.”

Leakes posted a photo of the word “broken” on her Instagram on Sunday afternoon. There are no other updates on Gregg’s current condition.

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