Myers-Briggs® Personality Types Of Twilight Characters

Twilight was a cultural juggernaut for years, and the hit e-book collection by Stephenie Meyer went on to develop into one of the profitable movie franchises in film historical past. There have been many points of the story that drew audiences to the saga, however the characters specifically appeared to seize the hearts and minds of Twi-hards all over the world.  

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The forged of characters in The Twilight Saga all have fairly distinct, developed, and intense personalities. There are various methods during which followers can relate to and perceive all of those main gamers, however one of the fascinating lenses to look at the Twilight characters by is the MBTI® character varieties.


Up to date December 20, 2021 by Hilary Elizabeth: The Twilight Saga has such all kinds of characters that every one get their second to glitter, and as such, this text has been amended to incorporate much more of the important characters within the franchise in addition to their Myers-Briggs® character categorizations.

James: ISFP

James hunting in the woods in Twilight

Even if those that fall beneath this character kind are introverts, they’re colloquially often called the adventurers of the MBTI®. That clearly fits James fairly effectively, as a result of whereas he’s very quietly threatening upon his preliminary introduction within the first movie, his ardour for searching down troublesome prey exhibits that he is nonetheless keen to stay on the sting.

ISFPs don’t love being boxed into social norms, which is why somebody like James can be much more impressed to go after Bella as soon as Edward made it clear that she was completely off-limits.

Victoria: INTJ

INTJs are most original due to their extremely analytical minds, and Victoria’s means to plan intimately in addition to suppose rapidly on her ft actually confirmed what a intelligent vampire she was.

These with this character kind are sometimes fairly rational, which might clarify why Victoria was so deft when it got here to placing on the proper time and understanding when to flee and evade. And, if she hadn’t let her thirst for revenge cloud her judgment, she probably may have survived lengthy after her mate James had been killed.

Jane: ISTJ

Though Jane is not a frontrunner of the Volturi, she’s one among their most horrifying devotees. Like a typical ISTJ, she is a really calculated and managed introvert. She is able to an ideal deal and he or she rarely lets her feelings override her chilly and logical considering.

She can be extraordinarily devoted to the Volturi and their legal guidelines for the vampire species, which is kind of according to the ISTJ’s perception in upholding guidelines and traditions.


Michael Sheen as Volturi elder Aro in The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Aro’s over-the-top theatricality would definitely point out that he might be one of many entertainer character varieties within the MBTI®, however the actuality is that the ESTP class matches him extra appropriately.

ESTPs are the leaders of their packs and know how you can affect the folks round them, and they’re consultants at constructing a powerful basis upon which they’ll wield their energy. Aro is in the end the grasp of the Volturi and he’s at all times manipulating and machinating for his personal ends, so he is an ESTP to the core.

Jessica Stanley: ENFP

Very like Jessica Stanley, the basic ENFP character kind is a really completely happy and outgoing particular person. Pure social butterflies, ENFPs haven’t any downside making buddies, which might clarify why Jessica had such a simple time connecting to the aloof Bella regardless of their lack of frequent pursuits.

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And, whereas an ENFP won’t perceive precisely why everybody else is the best way that they’re, they’ll get pleasure from themselves with anybody and are fairly loyal friends to the many individuals they undertake into their social circle.

Rosalie Hale: ENTJ

Love her or hate her, Rosalie Hale is the proper instance of an ENTJ. Not one to beat across the bush, ENTJs are identified for being simple, assertive, and hard when essential. Self-confidence can be a really large trait of ENTJs, and earlier than she turned a vampire, Rosalie admitted that she was assured in her magnificence and led a considerably superficial life.

As a vampire, Rosalie is not afraid to query peoples’ choices and make her opinion identified, which frequently places her at odds with these round her (not that she sometimes minds).

Jasper Hale: ISTP

Jasper with scowl while training the wolf pack

Jasper does not get as a lot consideration as a few of the different characters in Twilight, however that’s truly fairly effectively aligned together with his ISTP nature.  This character kind is understood for being indifferent, real looking, pragmatic, and adaptable.

Earlier than Jasper turned a vampire, he was a soldier within the military. After he was turned, Jasper used his vampire powers and his stoic, regimented nature to assist create a new child vampire military. Finally, he turned sick of all of the violence and bloodshed, and due to his adaptable character kind, he was in a position to recreate himself and undertake a totally totally different life-style with the Cullens.

Alice Cullen: ENFJ

Alice looks straight at the camera in Twilight New Moon

Everybody likes an ENFJ, which explains why Alice is so darn beloved. Identical to her character kind, Alice is bubbly, heat, sociable, and diplomatic. ENFJs are identified peacemakers, however additionally they tend to step in after they most likely should not, as Bella finds out time and time once more.

Though ENFJs are inherently charming, they’ll have hassle placing themselves in another person’s sneakers, which is why Alice sometimes values the better good over peoples’ emotions.

Emmett Cullen: ESTP

Emmett Cullen protecting the Cullens in Twilight.

Emmett is the proper ESTP: outgoing, energetic, spontaneous, and fun-loving. In contrast to virtually everybody else within the books (in addition to Jacob), Emmett truly appears to get pleasure from life, regardless of all the things occurring round him.

ESTPs be taught from doing, and Emmett is at all times enthusiastic about taking motion — whether or not it means preventing newborns or killing Victoria. The three issues ESTPs hate probably the most are routines, isolation, and inaction. Emmett is at all times fast to answer any problem, whether or not or not it’s successful a baseball sport or defending the folks (or vampires) he loves.

Carlisle Cullen: ESFJ

Carlisle treat Bella at the hospital in Twilight

ESFJs are accountable and conscientious, admire household, and have robust worth methods, which fairly completely describes Dr. Cullen. Carlisle is heat, loving, and constant; all he needs is to supply a secure and structured surroundings for his household.

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ESFJs at all times take the emotions of others into consideration when making choices. Provided that Carlisle is keen to quell his need for human blood for hundreds of years, it is clear that he has a powerful ethical compass and does not deviate from it.

Esme Cullen: ESFJ

Esme Cullen crouched over twilight

Like her husband Carlisle, Esme is variety, candy, and cares for her household above all else, making her yet one more ESFJ. Identical to Carlisle, Esme needs her kids to be completely happy and fulfilled, even when it means laying down her personal hopes and goals for them.

Esme has much less hassle giving up human blood than the others, presumably due to her robust sense of morality and sympathetic nature; she’s heat and tactful to everybody she interacts with. Conscientious to the core, Esme refuses to take sides in household arguments.

Charlie Swan: ISTJ

Charlie in police uniform in the woods

ISTJs are sensible, calm, and love time-honored traditions. Charlie does not need to have a flowery job or automotive to really feel fulfilled, he finds pleasure within the easy issues (like visiting his buddies on the reservation and placing snow tires on his daughter’s automotive).

ISTJs worth routine, which explains why Charlie at all times orders the identical meal on the identical eating places. It would not be simple for anybody to simply accept their daughter being in love with a vampire, however ISTJs are identified for being a bit inflexible and close-minded, so Bella actually has her work lower out for her on the subject of warming her protecting dad Charlie as much as the Cullens.

Edward Cullen: INFP

Twilight Edward Cullen Robert Pattinson

Edward is perhaps a blood-sucking vampire, however he is additionally selective, devoted, and idealistic; all qualities of an INFP. As an introvert, Edward does not let many individuals into his circle, however when he does, he is probably the most loyal and caring pal anybody may have. INFPs are additionally curious by nature, which explains why he merely could not go away Bella alone. The thought of turning Bella right into a vampire repels Edward as a result of it goes towards his ethical compass, and INFPs desperately need to stay a life that displays their beliefs.

These considerate idealists are additionally deep, virtuous, and introspective, though there isn’t any query that Edward’s “old style” opinions and beliefs are formed by his personal historical past.

Bella Swan: ISFP

Bella swan twilight new moon

Just one letter away from Edward, Bella Swan is an ISFP; a character kind that’s characterised by a reserved, spontaneous, and trusting nature. That actually seems like somebody who would fall in love with a vampire!

There isn’t any query that Bella is aware of what she needs, and when she finds one thing or somebody she’s keen to put money into, she is not going to waiver. In instances of stress, ISFPs can develop into cynical, depressed, and liable to self-doubt, which is strictly what viewers see when Bella and Edward break up and he or she is left inconsolable.

Jacob Black: ESFP

Jacob in along sleeve in the woods

The Twilight universe is stuffed with very intense, usually morose characters. And Jacob Black, an ESFP, is sort of a breath of contemporary air. ESFPs are easy-going, fun-loving, and action-oriented, all of which describe Jacob to a tee.

In contrast to some character varieties, ESFPs are tolerant and keen to alter their minds, which explains why Jacob is finally in a position to embrace Bella as a vampire (and settle for her relationship with Edward). Completely suited to his werewolf function, Jacob is at all times eager to take bodily management of the state of affairs and values energy and energy.

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