My Hero Academia Season 6 Release Date, Time, OVA, Episode, Trailers, Schedule & News


My Hero Academia Season 6 Release Date

My Hero Academia Season 6 Release Date and Timing (First episode spoilers):- Yesterday we received some exciting news. My Hero Academia Season 6 will be released during the autumn Anime season. That will be October this year. Hit the like button to hear about this exciting announcement. Many of my favorite animes will be released in October. Please let me know what Anime you’re looking forward to. However, I’m having issues with My Hero Academia.

About My Hero Academia Season 6

My Hero Academia Season 6 Release Date

I am a fan of only anime of My Hero Academia. I’m not sure what’s going to take place in season six. But I hope they don’t begin the season by having another tournament. This tournament thing is happening now and then. It was fun at first. It was enjoyable for me. But it’s becoming boring. However, that’s my personal opinion.

Comment below section what you think of it? However, in My Hero Academia Season 5 my antagonist academia arc was fascinating and it looks like something major is about to unfold in the upcoming season 6.

There’s an issue was that I was not planning on happening. The two first shows of My Hero Academia season 6 aren’t part of season 6. It’s like they’ve added a tournament to the show. The synopsis for the initial show of the series also has been disclosed.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Release Date, Time (Episode Schedule)

My Hero Academia Season 6 Release Date

My Hero Academia Season 6 Release Date

October 2022

MHA Season 6 Release Time

TBA (To be Announced)

Official Studio


Character Designer

Yoshihiko Umakoshi


Kenji Nagasaki


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Yuki Hayashi


Yosuke Kuroda

As for the season’s news episodes, for six episodes, we’ll look at a basketball match between two students. These two episodes have been released in Japanese theaters, however, they will be available later to the world viewers. We will be getting canon season six episodes later in October when the actual story will take place. We’ll have to wait for some time and then we will get the final trailer for My Hero Academia Season 6 Enjoy.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Full Official Trailer


Hey guys, a fresh My Hero Academia event has been made public. It’s quite interesting and is kind of connected to the first My Hero Academia episode that will be released very shortly. That’s the topic we’re speaking about in this article.

Hey guys, in case you’re not keeping track of news on our News Unzip site on what’s happening regarding My Hero Academia episodes. One of the first My Hero Academia episodes that we’ll release is an OVA for Season 6 and will not be included in regular episodes in My Hero Academia Season 6. It will start in the fall, however, this summer we’ll see two episodes.

My Hero Academia Season 6 First Episode Spoilers

My Hero Academia Season 6 Release Date

So the first episode was an MLB episode that features characters from various areas of college life of My Hero Academia. If you watched the episode before it, based on the same episode, to date we’ve seen characters sort of absent. We didn’t get to see Deku (Izuku Midoriya) we didn’t even see Shoto Todoroki, and we did not see Katsuki Bakugo, and never really was a necessity to be there.

However, if you watch the following episode, it’s taking place within the Endeavour agency episode, which includes all of the characters. Therefore, it’s entirely possible that these two episodes air simultaneously or that they’re busy with the agency during another period.

However, on this latest occasion, we can see brand new promotional images that highlight the missing characters from the episode wearing uniforms of baseball, and I find this to be quite interesting.

We have an account from Crunchyroll which they state that, and I quote:

Baseball is in the works this summer in The My Hero Academia series, and for the success in the upcoming OVA episode. The franchisee will also team in two Japanese baseball teams”.

Okay, let’s finish the quote here you guys. I was not able to miss pronounce joining forces. They wrote teeing-up. Okay, let you know. Back on the original quote. They’re saying “the Softbank hawks and Yomiuri giants” collaborated on the summer of heroes baseball Chibby images featuring Kohei Horikoshi’s characters sporting baseball uniforms, made public ahead of more collaborations with stadiums coming in August.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Characters

My Hero Academia Season 6 Release Date
    • Shoto Todoroki
    • Twice
    • Compressor
    • Toga Himiko
    • Kurugiri
    • All For One
    • Mariko
    • Best Jeans
    • Stain
    • Nana Shimura
    • Kendo ( I’m not sure of her last name of her)
    • Enji Todoroki
    • Rei Todoroki
    • Fuyumi Todoroki
    • Natsuo Todoroki
    • Touya Todoroki
    • Dabi
    • Shigaraki Tomura
    • Midnight
    • Mt.lady
    • Muscular
    • Gran Torino
    • Izuku Midoriya
    • Katsuki Bakugou
    • Denki Kaminari
    • Ejirou Kirishima
    • Mineta Minoru
    • Tokoyami Famikage
    • Yuga Aoyama
    • Rikidou Sato
    • Mashiro Ojirou
    • Ochaco Uraraka
    • Hagakure Toru
    • Tsuyu Asui
    • Momo Yayourozo
    • Jirou Kyoko
    • Mina Rashid
    • Aizawa Shota
    • Yagi Toshinori
    • Yamada Hizashi
    • Shoji Mezo
    • Sero Hanta
    • Iida Tenya
    • Koji Koda
    • Recovery Girl
    • Nezo or the principal I don’t know his full name.
    • Hawks
    • Shinsou Hitoshi
    • Monona Nieto

    In addition to the merchandise to celebrate the collaboration, the voices of my hero’s academic characters will be heard on the 20th and 21st of August. The battles will be between Hokkaido Nippon-Ham warriors as well as Fukuoka Softbank Hawks, and then on August 25 on the 25th, in between Chunichi Dragons and Yomiuri Giants giants”.

    This is kind of interesting. If it were an example of collaboration similar to the MLB teams, as well as My Hero academia that they’re like, well, sure, you can watch My Hero academia. Here are some cute small pieces of art that are playful and artistic.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Cast (Dubbing Actors & Actresses)

My Hero Academia Season 6 Release Date
    1. Christopher R. Sabat – All Might/Toshinori Yagi
    2. Clifford Chapin – Katsuki Bakugo
    3. Colleen Clinkenbeard – Momo Yaoyorozu
    4. David Matranga – Shoto Todoroki
    5. Patrick Seitz – Endeavor
    6. Monica Rial – Tsuyu Asui
    7. Anairis Quinones – Mirko
    8. Charlie Campbell – Gran Torino
    9. Christopher Wehkamp – Shota Aizawa
    10. J. Michael Tatum – Tenya Iida
    11. Justin Briner – Izuku “Deku” Midoriya
    12. Justin Cook – Eijiro Kirishima
    13. Luci Christian – Ochaco Uraraka
    14. John Swasey – Shigaraki/All-For-One
    15. Zeno Robinson – Hawks

    In the case of baseball and certain characters. It’s one aspect. But it’s more than that. they’re calling out the voice actors from my favorite academia as well as the actual cast of my hero academia. They’re not doing it for free.

    What we’ll witness is some kind of announcement, or some kind of announcement, or some other appropriate promotion for the show because they’re bringing the cast members from the show without any announcement, review, or anything else.


It is completely absurd to call out the cast members. They’re trying to make themselves stand out? Since really looking around an arena for baseball and then turning over to a casting, you’ll be unable to tell that it’s the cast since there are too many people in the stadium. However, if you’re inviting people to talk about things, it’s not going to be about you know, I love baseball.

As if they’re trying to promote the show with a method that draws attention to the reveal of My Hero Academia Season 6 as an animated. What is the date of release for season six? It could be a factor that we could be able to determine the exact month since in the fifth season of the anime there were two events quite close to one another.

Everything About My Hero Academia Manga Series

My Hero Academia Season 6 Release Date

There were hero’s events and Jump Festa. What they did was they added hero’s festivals. They simply announced the month for it. Then at Jump Festa, they made the announcement, as they needed announcements for different events. Therefore, they decided to make the same announcement and split it up. Instead of announcing the entire date of release in one piece of paper, they kind of broke the announcement into several pieces.

Here we can determine the exact date which is likely to be in October 2022. I’m sure that’s evident by now. At this point, we could see a release date as October 2022, and then at hero’s events, they’ll reveal the exact date and month of October however you guys, Let me know what think. Thank you for reading this article regarding My Hero Academia Season 6 Release Date and Time OVA, Episode trailers, schedules, and news.


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