MV rules to allow nominee for smooth ownership transfer | India News – Times of India


NEW DELHI: In a move to make hassle-free transfer of vehicle ownership to the identified family member or any other nominee on the lines of bank accounts, the road transport ministry has proposed to amend the Central Motor Vehicle Rules enabling the owner to put the name of nominee while applying for registration. The name of the nominee can also be added later through an online application.
This will bring huge relief to family members of the owner, particularly in case of his/ her death. The draft rule specifies that the owner has to submit some proof of the nominee for verification.
Currently, in case of death of the registered owner, the family members need to get the ownership transferred within three months and comply with procedures which often require frequent visits to different offices. “This is yet another move to improve the ease of living,” a transport ministry official said.
The transfer of ownership in case of death of the registered owner will happen in the name of the nominee who needs to inform the registering authority in the state of his residence or place of business through the portal for a fresh certificate of registration in his or her name.
“This is a big reform and will end the hassles the many face, particularly in cases where the registered owners passes away,” said transport expert Anil Chhikara.
In yet another move, the ministry has proposed to make it easier for registration of more than 50-year old two-wheelers and four-wheelers as “Vintage Vehicles”. The owners of such vehicles can get the first registration of such vehicles by paying Rs 20,000 for 10 years and the renewal fee would be Rs 5,000.

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