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Memoji customisations: Apple adds over 40 new outfits, headwears, stickers, glasses and more to Memoji with iOS 15 – Times of India




Apple has been promoting the entire WWDC2021 with its popular Memojis and alongside bringing new features and improvements to the iPhone with iOS 15, Apple has also announced new customisation options to Memoji.
The new customisation options for Memojis will give users more freedom on how they want their animated characters to look and appear. The feature will be available for iMessage.
During the keynote, Apple announced that they are adding over 40 new outfits, glasses, headwear and accessibility options to Memoji in the iOS 15 update.
iOS 15 will give users around 40 news outfit choices, 3 outfit colours, multicolour headwear, 3 glasses options and many more accessibility options to customise their Memojis. Users can mix and match different outfits, colours, headwear to make to suit their taste, weather and mood.
They even have the option to pick different colours for left and right eyes for those who have heterochromia.
The different headwear options will give users the option to choose their favourite sports teams and more.
New accessibility options will let users represent themselves with cochlear implants, oxygen tubes, or a soft helmet. Memoji stickers add more feel to it. Users can now send shaka, hand waves and more.
Do note that the feature will roll out with the iOS 15 update to all iPhones later this year.