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Simbu is on his way to his friend Premgi’s marriage. He gets caught in a time loop in which Chief Minister S A Chandrasekhar is murdered. Simbu has to relive the same day again and again.

ACP S J Suryah is also part of the loop. Simbu wants to get out of this time loop and he feels that saving the CM would be the solution. Was he successful in saving the Chief Minister and did he get out of the loop forms rest of the story.

It is an absolute delight to watch Simbu back in his element. He gives the audience a full display of his acting prowess. Kudos to director Venkat Prabhu for taking such a subject and for also bringing out the best from Simbhu.

Venkat Prabhu seems to have got back his magical touch that he is known for. The hard work that has gone into the script work is clearly visible on screen.

The director has made sure that people easily understand the time loop concept without much confusion. S J Suryah steals the show after he is introduced in the story.

His unique body language and dialogue delivery is an instant hit among the fans. Kalyani Priyadharshan chips in with a handy performance.

With an ensemble of cast including S A Chandrasekhar, Y G Mahendran, Premgi and Karunakaran, each of them have done their part well. Yuvan Shankar is the backbone of the film.

His BGM gives soul to the movie and takes the audience through the journey. Editor Praveen has done magic with his cuts and his efforts should be appreciated.

Rating: 4/5
by Naveen

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