Kristen Bell’s Queenpins Release Date Confirmed| Bebe Rexha talks about the movie


Kristen Bell’s new movie “Queenpins” is already in talks after the makers revealed some major updates about the movie. The movie, starring Kristen Bell and her best friend Kirby Howell-Baptiste while Jojo Johnson is already getting all excited. Audiences are thrilled to finally see their favorite cast reunited in a movie and we know the chemistry will be great.

Queenpins is a new comedy crime film coming out this year. The film also received a lot of attention after popular pop singer Bebe Rexha and Joel McHale in the supporting role. As the film’s release date approaches, fans are getting more and more excited to learn more about the film.

Another thing to note is that the film is from the same production house that the comedy film Hustler came from. We all know how funny and crazy the movie was! The public can expect the same level of craziness with Queenpins.

Lately, Queenpins have a lot of promotional shows and the updates are coming from all over. From Bebe Rexha’s gorgeous dress to the official trailer, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading the article for the latest updates on this new comedy film.

Queenpins: a comedy-crime movie

Kristen Bell’s Queenpins Release Date Confirmed|  Bebe Rexha talks about the movie

Queenpines is an American crime comedy directed by Aron Gaudet and Gita Pullapill. The film follows two best friends who somehow fall into the obsession to scam people. The plot revolves around the star Kristen Bell, who creates a coupon scam with her best friend.

Cleverly written with the limited permissiveness of sources, I think this film could be loved by audiences. We’ve already seen that movies like this always hit the charts of Hollywood hype and at Queenpins it’s very much about today’s world.

In addition, Kirby Howell-Baptiste and Paul Walter Hauser star. Another thing that attracts the public is the Hollywood pop star Bebe Rexha. The celebrity recently posted about her upcoming movie and the audience was totally raving about it.

Lately, Hollywood has been seen adding famous pop stars to their movies. Like Queempins, Bebe Rexha, the latest Hollywood movie Don’t Look Up, has cast Ariana Grande. Don’t Lookup is already a famous movie, even if it is not released in theaters. The film attracts people because of the variety in the cast they allow. Read all about the latest upcoming movie Don’t Look Up And you know what’s so exciting about the cast?

Queenpins release date: when is it coming?

Queenpins updates

It was previously announced that Queenpins would be released in August 2021. The officials previously confirmed that the film would be available to stream in theaters. But the officials recently announced that the film would be released in the later months.

While discussing the film, the director reveals that circumstances prevent the film from coming to the pre-planned date.

The new confirmed release date of the film is September 10, 2021. If you wait for the movie to come out, it will only be available in theaters.

So far, there is no information about the movie available to stream on any OTT platform. It’s only available in theaters for now, but after a while, each of the famous OTT platforms would acquire the right to stream the film. If you don’t get a lot of chance to see the movie in the cinema, I recommend that you wait a while so you can watch the movie in peace.

The Power of a Dog is Jane Champion’s New Movie Starring Benedict Cumberbatch as lead actor. Recently, the movie released its official trailer which adds more suspense to the story. Audiences are looking forward to seeing how June’s new movie would have a major impact on their lives. He has already been a favorite director who has given only some of the masterpieces to Hollywood.

Queenpins plot: what is it about?

Latest updates from Queenpins

The film follows a housewife desperate for a good life. Besides living like a normal person in the world, Connie Kaminski wants something big. She wants to do something big with her best friend.

After they decide to sell coupon codes, they make millions of money. But what happens after they decide to make so much money, the American research team finds out.

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The officials have revealed the film’s synopsis,A frustrated suburban housewife and her best friend devise an illegal coupon club scheme that defrauds millions of businesses. Delivers deals to legions of fellow coupon clippers. Hot on their trail is an unlikely duo – an hapless loss prevention officer and a determined US Postal Inspector – who both want to end their criminal enterprise.

Queenpins revolves around these two people and other important characters. Other than that, nothing was officially released about the film.

Is Queenpins based on a true story?

Queenpins cast

The Queenpins follows the scam of two best friends worth over $40 million dollars. The directors and writer have tried their best to make a comedy crime movie but you need to know some details about it.

Queenpins may be released in 2021, but it’s actually based on the true events of 2012. The coupon scam actually happens to cost nearly $25 million dollars.

Kristen Bell’s new movie that is really based on entertainment purposes is based on the real coupon scam that happened in 2012. The mastermind behind the plan was Robin Ramirez, who, along with Amiko Fountain and Marilyn Jhonson, and other people, came up with such brilliant but illegal ideas.

Kristen Bell’s The Scam was very well planned and you wouldn’t believe anyone could think such a big thing at the time. Nothing came to the attention of the police investigation team and people were already buying their coupons.

The group began running a multi-million dollar coupon program and sold the fake coupons or vouchers on eBay and SavvyShopper site. The scheme targeted nearly 40 brands, including multinationals such as Pepsico and Hershey. Things came to light after P&G did their check and found a major loophole.

Everything was explained and reported to the US investigation team. Even for such a large company, it took almost 8 weeks to actually trace the entire process and arrest the prime suspect.

After the investigation, the police finally found Ramirez and they searched their home and found millions of cash and $25 million in coupons, 22 illegal weapons, 21 vehicles and a speedboat.

Queenpines: The Star Cast Talks About Their Upcoming Movie!

Recently, the cast has been spotted in numerous interviews and they have revealed many things regarding their new movie. Kristen Bell’s new movie is already getting positive response from audiences and her new comedy-criminal theme would definitely make her look even bigger than ever.

The star was on the Entertainment Tonight show and revealed how she is preparing for her upcoming movie. She said, “I play Connie Kaminski, a former Olympic runner [who] felt like she was on top of the world. And now she essentially lives as a housewife and is looking for a way to feel valued. Enter: this coupon scam.”

The film also stars pop singer Bebe Rexha and her recent birthday photos have already gone viral. The star hasn’t been very active lately and her fans want to have something this year. While they really didn’t get any music or album, they have a movie to stream.

Queenpins cast Bebe as Kristen’s good friend and together they turn sync into a huge scam. Speaking to her, she reveals that she was very excited to work with such a talented cast.

“Doing this will be my first time acting in a movie and being around movie stars like Kirby and Kristen. They were patient with me and they gave me little tips. I honestly had a great time.”

Kristen has also said that the new film would be an eye opener for the audience and help them. “Hopefully people see themselves in these women and go. ‘Yes, I can totally understand why they felt unappreciated and why they decided to break some of the rules’