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Television’s popular and much-loved The Kapil Sharma Show recently completed 500 episodes. The show started as Comedy Nights With Kapil, before changing into its present name. TKSS became an instant mass-favorite as audiences enjoyed the concept, characters, and one-liners in the show, as they tickled their funny bones and how. As Kapil’s show achieves this milestone, the actor-comedian opened up about how it all began and the time when he had to shut it down. 

Speaking to RJ Nishant, Kapil talked about the time when his show went off-air. “At that time, I stopped trusting people. They would say something on my face and something else behind my back. I shut my show down even though nobody asked me to do so,” he said. He further revealed that he found the rock-solid support in his wife Ginny who encouraged him to get back on the small screen. Kapil further shared that his mother, who is ‘an innocent person from a village’, did not know what mental illness is, and only came to know through media. 

Kapil said that he wanted to respond to naysayers through the show as it was TKSS that got him all the love and recognition. He further mentioned that this phase of his life taught him a lot. 

Kapil also shared how the show began. He revealed that he was called to the channel’s office and was asked if he could host the popular dance reality show, Jhalak Dikhla Jaa with Maniesh Paul. However, when he went to the production house, he was asked to lose weight.  “I went there and there, after looking at me, she said, ‘Aap bahut mote hain. Aap thoda wazan kam karo (You are very fat. Lose some weight).’ I told Colors, ‘What is all this?’ Then the channel called her and told her, ‘the guy is good, let’s get him on board as host, will see about the weight later.’ So, I asked them, ‘Why don’t you make a comedy show?” said Kapil. 

When asked if he had any idea, Kapil said he took 2 days’ time to come up with one. “I enjoyed doing standup, sketch comedy, costume comedy. So I planned to bring together all the elements I am good at, put them in one show. I made the pitch, they asked me how long it would be. I gave them the lowdown. After standup, gags, celebrity interviews and all, five minutes’ time still remained. But when the show was shot, it went up to 120 minutes. They wanted only 70 minutes of content. It became difficult for them to edit it.”

The comedian also shared that even though the show was planned for only 25 episodes, the show continued because of the immense love it got from audience. 

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