Kaamna Actors Chandni Sharma, Abhishek Rawat on Maintaining Work-life Balance in TV Industry


Kaamna is the new show on the primetime slot and is currently airing on Sony TV at 8.30 pm. It follows the story of an uncomplicated government employee, Manav (Abhishek Rawat), and his wife Kaamna (Chandni Sharma), a homemaker, who has materialistic ambitions in life, but not the means to fulfill all her desires. Since Manav and Kaamna don’t meet eyes on moral grounds and life values, their bittersweet chemistry is something to watch out for in the show.

Talking about what different aspects Kaamna touches upon in a husband-wife storyline, Abhishek shared, “The people we are playing in Kaamna are flawed and very real. There is no black and white in any aspect of their personalities.”

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Chandni added to this, “There is not one dominating character in the storyline. Say, the husband is dominating and the wife just sulks in the corner, it is nothing of that sort. Also, say the wife is very cunning and manipulates her husband all the time, that too is not the case. It is a clash of equals. Both the characters have their own way of tackling the situations. Plus, there is no negative or positive character in the show. We are humans and made out to be as such.”

Talking about positive and negative aspects of working on a TV set, where shoot happens in 12-hours shift everyday, Chandni said on a lighter vein, “The positive is, you keep on working and earning but you don’t get time to shop and spend that money or waste it on unnecessary things. The negative aspect is that even when you are making money, you don’t have the time to spend it on things you like. In my case, that is clothes. You can shop online as well but where to wear those clothes (laughs)?”

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Abhishek shared, “It is a good thing that you are working everyday. Negative is, when you keep on doing the same thing everyday, monotony tends to creep in. The sleep cycle is compromised. There is a lot of work to be done. You are not well rested. The challenge is to overcome difficult times. One thing to do is not think too much about it. In the acting profession, sometimes there is work and other times not so much. There is a lean patch. But I feel, you start to compromise with this at one in time and then it just becomes a matter of fact.”

On work-life balance, Abhishek rues, “It does not happen often that there is an ideal balance. 12-hour shoots and travel time added to it, there is not much time left to do personal things and spend quality time with your family. But that is how life is and you can’t do much about it.”

Chandni rounds off by sharing, “Usually it is one day off in the week. I work out, or go shopping or attend some class on my free day. There is not much one can do that one day. Sometimes my heart says to just take some rest. So that becomes an achievement in itself that you feel rested. That shows on the face as well and it is very important in our line of work.”

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