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iPhone: Apple iPhone 13’s black colour variant reportedly to be this black – Times of India




Rumours about the next Apple iPhone having a matte black colour variant in the Pro lineup have been doing the rounds for a while and now, it has been claimed by YouTuber Filip Koroy just how black in intensity this rumoured iPhone model is going to be. The claims are based upon the data from leaker Max Weinbach.
According to the leaks, the black colour variant of the iPhone 13, as the next iPhone would most probably be called as, would be much darker than the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max’s Graphite colour variants, even darker than the Space Grey colour of the MacBooks and the iPads. If it is going to be a matte black finish, just how well Apple is going to bring out the colour scheme in the design is something to look forward to. Apple is also rumoured to include a new stainless steel coating to make the body of the iPhone 13 highly resistant to fingerprints and smudges.
The iPhone 13 could reportedly come in an entirely new colour option: Rose Pink, it was claimed earlier on Twitter by the Peng Store, an online/offline store based out of Nigeria.
Apple has been known to introduce a new colour to its iPhone series months and even a year after they are launched, the Product (Red) and the Purple variant of the iPhone 12 being the examples. It has also replaced an iPhone colour with another one with the launch of the successor model, as in the case with Midnight Green colour on the iPhone 11 Pro that was replaced with a Pacific Blue option on the iPhone 12.