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New Delhi [India], November 24 (ANI): Doctors, paramedical staff and nurses at Delhi’s Hindu Rao Hospital announced an indefinite strike on Wednesday due to the non-payment of salary on time and other issues, but emergency services will continue.

Speaking to ANI, hospital’s Nurses Welfare Association chief Indu said, “Our indefinite strike has started from today, but from November 8, we have been doing 3 hours agitation. Our reason for the protest is 5 years old which is we don’t get salary on time. After every 3 months, our salary is given. As you all know that for 5 months, our DA has been declared by the central government, but we have not been given. Even in MCDs both sides east and south DA has been given, but in North, it has not been declared.”

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She said that there is a shortage of nurses and so it has become difficult to work.

“There is a shortage of nursing offers. Our work is not of files or computers. Our work is directly related to patients. It has become difficult to work because of the shortage. We are telling that there is a decrease in staff from 2012, but there is no recruitment of staff. They say the Delhi government is not giving us money and that is why our money has been put on stay. If money has been put on hold then how they have given Rs 52 lakh to every councillor?” she said.

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The Chief said emergency services are on but routine work has been suspended.

“Only emergency services are running as of now. Routine work is not being done. We feel really sad that patients are facing trouble, but I think patients are also understanding our demands. They also sympathise with us. How can a person survive without a salary for 2-3 months? We have to stop the emergency facility from November 29 if our demands will not be fulfilled. Till when we are going to run like this? We also have to look after our families,” she said.

Listing out the demands of the association, Indu said that their demands include the timely payment of salary, issues of shortage of staff and promotion.

“Our first demand is salary and along with it is the implementation of DA is important. Our main demand which is directly related to patients is a shortage. We have such a crisis of nurses that there is only one nurse for 70-80 patients. Then it comes promotions. It has been 32-35 years that we have not been given single promotion. In 2012, the last promotion list came. 7th CPC was declared in 2016. People have forgotten that and now waiting for the next CPC. We have not received a bonus for the last 3.5 years. A bonus is declared, but it has not been given,” the chief said.

“In Kasturba hospital, residents and para-paramedical are protesting. Soon nurses will also join the protest,” she added.

Meanwhile, asked about the strike of doctors over salary issue in a press conference, Delhi Minister Gopal Rai claimed that the government did not stop giving them money and said that the situation has arisen because of the corruption in the Bharatiya Janata Party-led Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD).

“We have a clear stand that in MCD, because of corruption done by BJP such a situation arises. Every time it happens. They are busy selling all the assets. Till the time their corruption ends , such a situation will keep on arising. Such a situation doesn’t arise with the Delhi government. A permanent cure is the only solution now. Delhi government is giving money to them. We have never stopped giving them money, but where all the money goes that we can’t understand,” he said.

Vice President, Nurses Union, Rajesh Yadav said that their demands for promotion and salary on time have not been met, only departments are being made.

“For many days, we demanded to give our salary on time, promotion. Neither promotion is being given nor staff is recruited, just new departments are being made. We have been running like this for many years, but now the situation is that we have not been given salaries as well. It’s been 2-3 months that our salary has not been given. We want a permanent solution so that our patients also do not face trouble. Till the time our demands are fulfilled, we will hold the protest. Every time they assure us that they will do our work, but they don’t fulfil it,” Vice President, Nurses Union said. (ANI)

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