Horoscope Today, September 29, 2021: See your daily astrology prediction for zodiac sign Cancer, Virgo, Pisces


Libra, Virgo and Aquarius sign people will have an easy run on the work front. Their work will come through easily and swiftly. What are the possibilities for you? Read your daily forecast to know.


aries 341

Aries sign people will remain valorous and upbeat today. Your  work will move at  a greater speed and in an efficient way. Several of your problems will get resolved. This will be a day of beginnings as several professional proposals may be made to you. You are likely to be in the limelight for a prestigious project recently completed by you. Your boss will feel proud of you. Something very exciting will happen today.


taurus 310

Taurus sign people are likely to make gains on account of earlier made investment or the jumps in the share market. You may consult your spouse before finalizing something. Her/his advice will prove useful in making the final decision. A new money generating activity is likely to start which will be immensely profitable for you. You are likely to feel weak, so take precautions. Control your spending.


gemini 330

Gemini sign people are likely to do very well on fronts. You are likely to take steps to streamline your financial investments as well as savings with the help of an adviser. Whatever you do today will prove beneficial. A new business proposal may come your way which may have to be started in a jiffy. If you are seeking admission in a prestigious college, you are likely to succeed. This will be a day of bliss for lovers as well as married couples.


cancer 340

Cancer sign people must control their spending and develop a habit of planning their expenditure. Salaried folks are likely to be encouraged by their seniors to be more ambitious and risk-taking. A new business proposal may be made to you. Check all the documents and papers declaring any kind of financial commitment carefully before signing them. You will feel weak and depleted so do things to replenish your energy.


leo 355

Leo sign people will be busy with their family members in finalizing a joint venture. This will be a day of beneficial beginnings as you may plan a few new projects. You will do it all by your networking skills and intelligent approach to work. Salaried folks may be rewarded with an increment or a promotion for a well concluded project in the recent past. Overdue payments are likely to be made. There will be a peaceful ethos at home.


virgo 315

Virgo sign people will have a smooth day. Their work will come through easily. You will be able to communicate effectively with your parents on sensitive issues and also with your higher ups in order to make a breakthrough  in a tricky situation. You will enjoy financial security and a strong standing. Your spouse needs your emotional care as well as looking after her physical well-being. Be warm and kind to him/her.


libra 352

Libra sign people will have a relaxed day after a long time. Even if a lot of work falls on your shoulders, you will be able to do it all very efficiently and without feeling strained. Some of your projects, which have got stuck, will suddenly pick up speed. There will be some issues to resolve at home as a family member may need your emotional support. You will have to make expenses but you won’t feel hassled on account of them.


scorpio 329

Scorpio sign people may have to suddenly shell out a big amount and will feel upset about it. Your energy levels will remain low and your stomach may go out of order. Your work will bring rewards and appreciation. Business people will have to use their skills and intelligence in order to make gains. A loved one may do something special for you. On certain fronts, chaos and uncertainties are possible.


sagittarius 112

Sagittarius sign people will have a pleasant day. Their work will bring in expected results and rewards. Business people will be in a valorous form. They are likely to cross all obstacles and get what they want. A new assignment is likely to start. There will be a loving and peaceful environment at home. Your needs will be looked after well. If you appear in an exam, you are likely to do very well.


capricorn 287

Capricorn sign people are likely to do exceedingly well on the professional front. You might be given the charge of a tricky project which you will be able to resolve with your intelligence and effort. Do not lose temper in the process especially, if you have to do pillar to post several times. Your boss will support you and also take pride in your achievement. You may make expenses to buy the items of domestic comfort.


aquarius 279

Aquarius sign people will have an easy and relaxed day at work. Your work will come through easily without any significant hurdles. This will be a day of beginnings as either a project planned by you or assigned by your superiors may get into action. Your financial standing is likely to become excellent in the near future. There will be love and harmony among family members.


pisces 313

Pisces sign people may have to cope with adversities. There will be some tension on the professional project as your colleagues, and within them your rivals, may oppose your plans and approach in a big way. Their harsh reactions may make you sad. You are likely to find comfort in the company of your family members especially, parents. Do not carry work to home and do not listen to rumours. That will be a sheer waste of time and mental energy.

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