Happy Birthday Nicolas Cage: 6 best movies of the actor which prove his versatility


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Happy Birthday Nicolas Cage

Happy Birthday Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage has created a number of interesting films in the last decade, and a few of them are truly respectable additions to his lengthy career. As the nephew of the great Francis Ford Coppola, Cage aspired to fame, intending to establish his own legacy after changing his last name to Cage in the Cage-like way we all know and love. Cage’s hunger for acting was unquenchable after being surrounded by cinema and theatre for so long, and he appeared in his first (and tiny) role in Fast Times at Ridgemont High in 1982, which paved the way for his ultimate popularity. We adore Nicolas Cage and can’t get enough of him, therefore today, on his 58th birthday, we hope that our list of the finest of his films ever will convert you into a Cage fan.

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