Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin, 11 January 2022, Written Update: Bhavani scolds Virat

In today’s episode, Bhavani blames Sai for defaming their name in society by moving into a hostel. Sai says that Bhavani couldn’t ask Virat about his affair, yet she is worried about her prestige in society. Ninad adds Sai is like their daughter, and they would tell Virat to leave the house but will not let Sai go anywhere. Omkar whispers to Sonali that the house looks like a Circus to him.

Sai suggests to Ninad that he should welcome Shruti with respect because she is very special to Virat. Bhavani shouts at Sai for her nonsensical talks, but the latter says Virat and her relationship are just a compromise. She asks her to accept Shruti as their daughter in law. Sonali taunts that Sai has crossed the extent of greatness as she is hurrying to leave her husband. Samrat says, how can Sai still praise Shruti. Sai replies it was never Shruti’s fault because Virat has willfully given Shruti a special place. Mohit calls himself responsible for all this because he revealed the truth to everyone.

Soon, Virat arrives and Ninad questions him if he is living with Shruti. Virat feels ashamed and asks him to think before speaking. Patralekha and Samrat question Virat why he did not stop Sai if she packed bags in front of him. Sai says Virat tried to stop her with his hollow talks but didn’t answer her questions. Ashwini says straight to Virat that if he is thinking of accommodating Shruti in their house after Sai leaves, he is wrong.

Bhavani yells at Virat, saying his parents gave him freedom, but as a result, he is dancing to Shruti’s tunes. Patralekha asks Virat to explain why he picks Shruti over Sai. Virat warns everyone to stop comparing Sai with Shruti because both have different places in his life. He requests not to involve Shruti in their cheap gossip. Ashwini says it’s disgusting that Virat opposes the whole family for a girl he met a few days ago. She asks Virat to leave the house.

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