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Are you someone who is afraid of injections? Do you tremble at the mere mention of the needle, and have a nightmare if you need to go to the doctor for one? Well, although the fear brings out the literal sweats out of you, the good news is that you are not alone. Fear of the needle is not only very real, it’s also extremely common among people. Lately, a video of a young Kashmiri boy has gone viral on the internet, as he has a strong reaction as he is about to get injected. Have you watched the video yet?

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We all know someone who has ‘trypanophobia’ or fear of needles. It’s made up of two words, ‘trypano’ meaning puncturing or piercing in Greek, and ‘phobia’ which means fear. The phobia basically refers to an irrational fear or aversion to needles and blood. All things said and done, the viral video of the young Kashmiri boy is too relatable and cute. In the video, he is seen hesitating to get injected as the doctor tries to pacify him. Every time the doctor would hold his hand, he would pull it away. As the doctor finally gets the chance to inject him, the little boy is seen screeching, screaming, and making funny noises and faces. His guardian and the doctor could not help but break into a laugh at his strong reaction. 

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The little boy then stops sobbing, and keeps on repeating ‘nahi rounga’. (Won’t cry) He even tells the doctor “Main tumhare ghar aake chai peeyunga” (I will come have a cup of tea at your house) 

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Click HERE to watch the video. 

Well, don’t you think children can be so adorable and unpredictable at the same time? 

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