Education for Life


Education for Life

I’ve taught at the college level for nearly 30 years. In the last 10 years and a half, I’ve earned a Teaching award every 3 years. The next year, I’ll teach in Japan as a Fulbright. I’ve been an advocate for higher education up close, and I’m hoping everyone didn’t have to suffer under an unfounded misconception about it. Because of the importance that it is for the society and economics of Eugene, I’d like to dispel that misconception.

There’s nothing like superfoods. Spinach will not transform you into Popeye. Multivitamins provide the gullible Americans with the most expensive urine. A top college of any kind doesn’t ensure success in your career nor does a highly acclaimed major. The confusion is a polarized set of incorrect views of the college.

The first one is that college is about job hunting the day after graduation. Many parents are worried. are urging their children and daughters to select a field they believe to be able to get an income-generating career. They believe that students with those degrees can find jobs that pay well and the rest of us are bouncing between barista and unemployment.

But it’s not true. Traditional undergraduates begin a work-life that may last for five years. Cooling majors are common. Industries are flooded by technological advancements. Even graduates who hold one of those supposed golden tickets must be ready for the next generation of graduates with the most recent advancements embedded in their degrees.

There’s a reason why many of these workers shift, between 25 to 40, into positions that don’t need their college degrees. Graduates whose majors weren’t crafted around new skills tend to develop and develop in their profession instead of trying to stay on the most innovative of innovations. Google David Deming’s research in this area if are looking for more evidence to back up my declaration.

I’m not saying that it’s wrong. often, an in-demand college or major matches your lifestyle or interests goals. If that’s the case, it’s a good option. It’s a mistake to use it to treat your fear of poverty.

If you know someone who planned to get married only for a fun party, beautiful images, and a wild wedding reception, you’d be expecting to find them in a divorce attorney’s office within minutes. If they don’t plan their wedding with the long-term in mind, they’ll likely get into what the Holmes-Rahe stress inventory rates as the 2nd most painful and difficult experience. Intentionally aiming to get an initial job, instead of a profession, it’s the same error that is equally destructive and reckless. It’s time to collectively tossed it into the heap of discarded foolish concepts.

The opposite of misinterpreting higher education is to write off college completely. If it’s not going to guarantee you the highest-paying job, then what’s the point? When you’re hungry when you’re not able to eat the acai-like berries or spirulina then it’s probably best to go for Cheetos or the Big Mac, isn’t it? Healthy eating isn’t an all-black option between junk science and junk food. Many good choices provide an extensive, varied basis for good health. Additionally, there are lots of great opportunities in colleges that provide an array of diverse, broad assortment of learning experiences that provide the basis for successful adulthood.

A certain group of students, I believe is the older students who return to school. They’ve chosen the major, which is sometimes self-designed, and that creates tools that apply to many issues rather than the dress rehearsal for a job that might not be the best for you, may or may not be in high demand, or even exist. It’s not a coincidence that they’re at a stage in their lives where they can clean up their old habits and are thinking about eating a healthy and balanced diet and not just a nutritious ingredient.

In the last week, my boss left as did my boss who replaced him. me an important question during his first meeting with us all: “It’s not primarily what are you going to do with your degree, but what is your degree going to do to you?”

I’m aware that the cost of college is way out of control. Indeed, the exorbitant tuition isn’t filling my pockets. However, the cost of healthcare is beyond control however that doesn’t change the fact that the claims of superfoods are just nonsense. Incorrect is wrong, misguided can be dumb. universities aren’t vending machines to get the perfect job. They’re gymnasiums that teach thinking and the ability to make decisions. Don’t be adamant about simplifying what you do and allow us to give you something that will aid in all areas of your daily life.

Doyle Srader lives in Eugene. Doyle Srader isn’t related to the current Democratic primary contender in the race for Congress Doyle Canning. This is not the way first names are used.


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