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Duskwood Episode 9: Release Date and Recap
Duskwood Episode 9: Release Date and Recap

Duskwood as an interactive game certainly raised the bar in Episode 8. We also thought the mystery of Hannah’s disappearance was finally coming to an end. Yet not everything was easy. Henceforth, Duskwood Episode 9 is a must to have the answer. So here’s what happened. The last time we were in the game, it was high time the group decided to get together. Even Jake joined them to solve this mystery. Richy was another person who went missing along with Hannah and the police had recently discovered the body of Amy, a resident of Duskwood.

So in the midst of all this mystery, Michael Hanson had become a focal point and the police had identified him as a suspect. So to talk to them, the group decided to go the old fashioned way. Two of the members decided to visit Hanson after extracting his address from one of Richy’s files. Well, they certainly haven’t met Michael Hanson. But yes, there was a dark aura and a lot of mystery about the place. It was only a matter of time, the two discovered something huge and someone else’s presence there. Who was it? Let’s find out.

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The story of the sleepy town there in the woods continued. The city, which had always been quiet, suddenly began to buzz with the disappearance of a girl named Hannah. Over the past seven episodes, the mystery had unraveled secrets, eventually becoming the first conclusion towards the end of episode 8.

The group tried to contact this Michael Hanson. They got Michael Hanson’s address from one of Richy’s files. Even if they don’t find him or something, there must be neighbors or someone around. They may have some idea about Hanson and his history. So of the group, Thomas and Jessy are the ones who visit the shore while the rest watch. They come to a forest road that leads them straight to Michael Hanson’s house.

Duskwood Episode 9: Release Date and Recap

From Duskwood, Episode 8, with Thomas’s phone capturing Michael Hanson’s house

When they arrive, they see a huge house. Quite a big one and scary to look at. Knocking on the door didn’t work and chances are nobody lives here anymore. The intriguing thing about this place was that there are no neighbors living here either. Then there’s a big barn nearby and several times Jessy felt like someone was around. Initially, it is attributed to rats. Lily also has rough memories of this.

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