Dior faces criticism for using photographs of Asian Woman; Photographer issues apology for images


International fashion house Christian Dior faced backlash from Chinese customers on social media. The backlash received by the brand was over a photograph from an exhibit where an Asian woman is dressed in a traditional costume holding a Dior bag.

The image was shot by a local Chinese photographer. On social media, localities took to social media to state that it smeared Asian women and made Chinese customers feel uncomfortable. Dior shared the images on their social media channels and have taken them down since the backlash. The photographer, Chen Man issued a statement for the same on the social media platform, Weibo. “I blame myself for my immaturity and ignorance,” her statement read.

Following this, Dior too issued a statement on the same social media platform. “Dior, as always, respects the sentiments of the Chinese people,” the statement read. Additionally, the luxury fashion house that the work shared was a piece of artwork and not a commercial advertisement.

Back in 2019, the brand faced backlash for showing the map of the country that didn’t include Taiwan. Dior isn’t the first luxury fashion house to face backlash. A while ago, Dolce & Gabbana posted videos of a Chinese model attempting to eat food with Chopsticks that was deemed offensive and received backlash following which sales declined drastically.

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