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Dark Deception Chapter 5: Release Date and Format
Dark Deception Chapter 5: Release Date and Format

The horror genre is really fascinating with its roots spreading in all forms of entertainment, even video games. The games in this genre are pure fiction. That doesn’t stop the developers from getting into the good old stories and fictional characters like Slender Man, La Llorona, Jason Voorhees, etc. . And with that, we got a lot of new horror games. One such game is Dark Deception. In this article we would talk about the release date of Dark Deception Chapter 5. In addition, we would also look at the game itself.

In September 2018, the first chapter of Dark Deception was launched. It was made entirely in Unreal Engine 4. With that we were regularly shown releases with updates and new chapters. Every year we have received a new chapter, the second and third chapters in 2019 (a few months apart), the fourth chapter in September 2021. Yes, there was a gap of a year between the third and fourth chapters, but that came by the Coronavirus. Now that Chapter 4 is out and speedrunners quit for free, it’s time to discuss the Dark Deception Chapter 5 release date.

Dark trickery and storyline development

Dark Deception is a first-person indie horror game. It was developed by Glowstick Entertainment with the pre-alpha demo of the game released in 2014. In the demo, only one level was available to play and they wanted to make more for the players. So they started a Kickstarter campaign. Later in January 2015, Dark Deception’s alpha demo was released with two levels with the promise of releasing the full game in April of the same year. But the game won’t be released until much later in 2018. This was because the company had not collected enough money to complete the game. And also the argument between the head of the company, Mark Henderson, and the other member of the team, Vincent Livings.

Dark Deception Chapter 5: Release Date and Format

Dark Deception Ballroom, also known as Ring Altar or Portal Room

In the game, you play as Doug Houser, a selfish criminal defense attorney. He is on an altar or known in the game as Ballroom. He is welcomed by a woman named Bierce. She explains to him that if he ever wants to return to the realm of the living, he will have to go through many trials. Then we get to know the different portals where we have to collect soul shards. The challenge may sound simple, but it isn’t. You see, each level has its own set of masters who will try to stop you. In addition, all these monsters have a master named Malak, who is the holder of the ring, Riddle of Heaven.

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