Dance Plus 6 Winner Name 2021, First Runner Up, Prizes | Grand Finale Results

Dance Plus Season 6 happening on Disney Plus Hotstar where all the 3 Captains Shakti Mohan, Salman Yusuff Khan and Punit Pathak Contestants performing their best to Win the Ultimate Title. Here we brings to you the Dance +6 Winner Name who lifted a Trophy in a Grand Finale Episode. Dance +6 Winner is Sneha Chakraborty from Team Shakti Mohan.

sneha chakraborty

Initially Team Shakti Trio Harsh-Tejash-Sneha came individually in a show. During the Top 15 Contestants Selection. Remo selected this 3 and made a Trio of them. Later they performed together in a show. They came individual in a show as a solo dancer, but as they makes it to the finale They performs solo as Only one out of three can get a Trophy.

Now, Dance +6 Winner Name has been revealed in a Finale Episode. Dance +6 Winner is Sneha Chakraborty from Team Shakti Mohan. Yes, Sneha Lifted a Winning Trophy in a Finale Episode and reached to the Home.

Dance Plus 6 Finalists were Pratik Surve (Team Punit Pathak) Romsha Singh (Team Punit Pathak) Dhanajay Joshi (Team Shakti Mohan) and Sneha Chkraborty (Team Shakti). Finally, this time Team Shakti Mohan leads and Wins the Ultimate Title.

Dance Plus 6 Winner – Sneha Chakraborty (Team Shakti)

Congratulations to Dance+6 Winner Sneha Chakraborty and Team Shakti Mohan for winning this Big Title of Dance Plus Season 6. Dance Plus 6 Winner gets Shining Trophy and Prize money as a winning amount. Many Congratulations to Sneha Chakraborty once again, You are well deserved.

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