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Amidst family drama and action thrillers comes Choo Mandhirakaali. It is a movie that speaks about romance and friendship in the backdrop of some black magic.

Written and directed by Eswar Kotravai, the movie has Karthikeyan Velu in the lead and Sanjana Burli as heroine. The cast includes Kishore Dev, Muhil, Maragatham Sivaprakasam, Niranjana, Dhananya, V Sridhar among others. Cinematography is by Mohammed Farhan, songs are by Satish Raghunathan and BGM by Navip Murugan.

Murugan (Karthikeyan Velu) comes a village known to fo black magic but spiritual for a purpose. He wants their help for a cause in his native town. He comes across Sundhara Valli (Sanjana Burli) who has super powers. He falls for her. But fears to express his love. Things take a turn when his relatives comes to know about it. What happens then forms the rest.

Choo Mandhirakaali is neither laughable nor is serious about itself.

Scenes unfold fast and there are attempts at many places to make you laugh. A little more effort to make the writing tight would have done favour.

Both Karthikeyan Velu and Sanjana Burli are okay. Produced by Produced by Annakkili Velu, Annam Medias, it is a time-pass entertainer only if you ready to let go logic.

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