Chesapeake Shores Season 5 Episode 3 Promo: Learn More About Evan


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Chesapeake Shores Season 5 Episode 3 Promo: Learn More About EvanChesapeake Shores Season 5 is now in a new era and we are already curious how this will all play out.

Do we think Trace will still be mentioned in the show here and there? Probably. You can’t just forget that someone like him had an impact on Abby and the entire world of the show. However, there’s a time jump this season for a reason: we think there’s a real need for a fresh start here. Some of that comes in the form of Evan.

You can at least get a taste of what this character is bringing to the table in the video below. What we immediately like about Evan is that he’s a bit eccentric – as many super-successful people are. He hates calling anyone by their last name and prefers to be as casual as possible in all conversations. He clearly has a specific way of doing things that work for him. However, this does not mean that Abby is going to follow all of his ‘rules’. She is her own person and she makes that very clear in the promo.

Is there ever a chance for a romantic connection here? We don’t think you can rule anything out, given that Chesapeake Shores is very much a show about love stories; however, it’s hard to imagine this being a priority in the beginning. In fact, it would be somewhat frustrating if the used to be the only priority. There are so many layers to this show, including all the members of the O’Brien family! And if you’re into romance, you can bet you’ll get the chance to see a wedding a little later this season. That part is still very much there.

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What do you hope to see most played on? Chesapeake Shores season 5 episode 3?

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