Can love happen twice?? #Riansh (immj2) last part


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 Episode starts

It was night when vansh came to the room. He entered and directly goes to the bathroom but before this he said….

Vansh: Ridhima I am very hungry, bring something for me.

Soon he freshened up and came out of the bathroom. ” Ridhima where is my food…..Ridhima!!! Ridhima!!!?”

Then suddenly he realised that she left him. She is no more with him. Fear ran through his body and his heart became heavy. He closed his eyes so that tears can’t make their way.


Vansh called the lawyer and both signed the divorce paper. Uma created a big scene. She and vansh had a long argument because she was blaming Ridhima and not allowing them to get part away. She was afraid of what will society think about them…that a girl left his son…they will not able to face people in society.

But vansh being vansh, he freed Ridhima from this unwanted marriage. ” maa, now you don’t have to live with an orphan girl like me”

Uma: what are you thinking, after going from here happiness will welcome you….no!! poor girl…no!!! You are highly mistaken, you are doing the biggest mistake in your life by leaving my vansh….you will going to regret it….if I know that you will be like this then I would have never brought you here.

Ridhima: time will tell this…

Uma marched angrily to her room and Ridhima too went to the room. She started packing all her belongings.

Ridhima: vansh mei yeh dresses le ja skti hu.( vansh can I take this dress)

Vansh: all these dresses are yours….you can do anything with them.

Ridhima: thank you!!

Soon she packed all the stuff. ” vansh, now I am going….so you have good chance to go your love”

Vansh thought “I am sorry for still holding on…..
I will try to let you go and try to be strong to bear this departure…..
I am wishing you the best and I hope that you will forget me soon so that you can move on in your life……
I wish you find your true love who can love you back the way you do…..
But most of I wish you could stay with me….
Letting you go is like a cutting a piece from my heart……I can’t become selfish and hold you with me when I know “I can’t love you…I can’t love twice….”
I have to let you go because of your happiness and for your dreams….
But my heart is not yet ready for this…..

Ridhima jerked his arm and he back to reality,” where are you lost” asked she.

Vansh: nowhere,( with plan face) listen this is new chapter of your life so try to make yourself fierce and a little bit bold. Aur….Aur…aur kya bolu mai…Kisse se ladake ko dekh kr saadi krlena or kush rhna…bs” ( what should I say….get married to a good guy and stay happy…that’s it)

Ridhima smiled sadly ” I will stay happy but second thing is out of my box…I love you and I can not love twice.”

Vansh heart again ached hearing this from Ridhima’s mouth and without wasting a second her pulled her in a passionate kiss. Firstly Ridhima was shocked but later composing herself she kissed him back. They were kissing like there is no tomorrow and it is true, there is no tomorrow for them…there is no tomorrow when they will be together. Both were crying at the thought that they will not be able to see each other anymore.

Flashback ends

Vansh was in tears. Vansh “why I am in tears. I always wanted to end this marriage and now it do happen but I am not happy. I should happy because I get rid of this forced marriage. I want her back into my life.”

Now vansh all hunger vanish and he don’t want to eat anything. He laid on the bed and started watching photo and video of her.

This is the first time when their proximity increased. He made wrapped her saree and unknown emotions developed in him for her.

This is the first gift for her given by him. His breath got hitched my he saw her in his gift for the first time.

images 3 3

This is the photo of their photoshoot masti……He laughed looking at this photo. He only know how difficult for him to make wear this dress. She was not able to look at him due to shyness and gave this pose looking down only.

Luv their chemistry

This was again difficult task for him of drapping her saree. Whenever he was touching her bare body the hormones in his body start jumping and making it difficult for him.

images 7 1 2

How can he forget about the incident related to this dress? Because of this dress he kissed her back…but it was just in incident because her zip was stuck and he tried to pull up by his teeth then you all know….(as Riansh fandom is best when it comes on imagination just like Riansh jo khuli aakhon sapne dekhte hai”😂😂😁)

images 3 1 2
Vansh: I told you….you look more beautiful when your hair are open but you were adamant to make ban….leave all this I am missing you sweetheart….Ridhima I had never thought I will miss you this much… I wish you could stay with me….I am missing our photoshoot, our late night talks and our late night coffee. Now here no one is here to take care of me. I don’t know why I wasted 11 months without looking this side of yours…now I am regretting.

One year later…
It was a party….There was all big businessman and women. Place was noisy with loud music. A beautiful girl managing the catering site and telling all the workers to be careful about the thing. She went to counter of water to check arrangement their. A tall man with great physic wearing three piece came while coughing and said to her ” ma’am side please”

Lady murmured “vansh!!” and turned to face him. Vansh was also surprised to see her and hugged her immediately “Ridhima”. Both remained in the same position for two minutes. After breaking the hug Ridhima gave him water and he drank while stealing glance at her.

Vansh: I am very happy to see you again. Where you vanished….how much I tried to find you but in vain.

Ridhima: so here you came for the business meeting or…

Vansh: yeah, business meeting and you.

Ridhima: I am here for catering.

They were talking then a man came and said ” Ridhu….Mr.mahotra is calling y….” And stopped looking at vansh.

Vansh with shock and anger “Aryaan”

Aryan looked at Ridhima and then vansh “bro, you are here”

Vansh with tight smile “none of your business and from when Ridhima became Ridhu.”

Aryan: calm down vansh…. I here to help Ridhu…(vansh gave him “I will kill you” wala look) I mean Ridhima.

Vansh was about to ask more but someone called Aryan… ” Ridhima you informed Aryan about your whereabouts but not me….I am this important to you….” Hurt was clear visible in his voice.

Ridhima was also feeling bad but plastering her face she replied ” vansh you only told me to move on….so I am moving on with Aryaan”

Vansh was not able to believe that what he heard just now…he is thinking this must be a bad dream but his bad luck. Vansh with heavy voice ” so you moved on”

Ridhima looking other side ” hmm!!”

Vansh thought ” history can’t be repeat….this time I am not going to lose my love……bhale mujhe kuch bhi krna pade”

Ridhima: you go…we will meet at night.

Vansh: hmm!

As vansh moved from there…tears formed in her eyes and she closed her eyes. She got the glimpse of a flashback when vansh friend came to VR mansion.


When vansh and Angre left the room there was onluly Ahaana, Aryaan and Ridhima we’re left. After sometime Aryaan got a call so he also left.

Ahaana: Ridhima how can be you so selfish.

Ridhima with confused face ” what happen dear”

Ahaana: don’t pretend that you don’t know anything….I know you are not that innocent as you are pretending.

Ridhima: Ahaana please say clearly.

Ahaana: why are you destroying vansh life for your happiness…Can’t you see he is not happy with you.

Ridhima: but…

Ahaana: what but? He don’t love you…..and can never he love you because you are not his type….He is such a hot and handsome hunk….(making face) and look at you behan ji….. He can never love a looser like you. He like bold and modern girl. You are the just opposite of his imagination. He is just tolerating you for some reason but you have mind Nah…why can’t you just get out of his life so that he could also enjoy his life the way he want.

Ridhima eyes get filled with tears….Ahaana continued ” now I got it why he is with you…because of these tears Nah…he is soft hearted and may he felt pity on you. He is keeping you with himself because of sympathy and you are taking advantage of this…. If I must have in place of you then I left vansh…because I can’t become selfish and destroy other person’s life who is doing so much for me.”

This is not the first person who is taunting her for destroying vansh’s life. Now Ridhima also started believing that she is destroying his life and decided to divorce him by giving excuse of her dream so that vansh can’t refuse her.

Flashback ends.

Time skipped
In night part….

Vansh was impatiently waiting for Ridhima. She came with Aryaan and vansh smirked looking at them.

images 14 1 1

Vansh moved to them and asked her for dance. She looked at Aryaan and then gave hand to vansh. Both went to the stage and started dancing. Vansh was getting cosy with her and on the other hand Ridhima was unable to bear this much closeness. She was getting weak on her knees. Vansh twirled her and then pulled her by gripping her wait, her breath got hitched. Vansh was smiling from inside while looking his effect on her. He rubbed his cheek with her and a shiver again ran to her body and she closed her eyes, a moan escape from her mouth ” “

Vansh looked here and there, then pulled her to a dark corner of that place.

Ridhima: vansh, why you brought me here…

Vansh pulled her to his chest and encircled his arms around her waist. Traced her face by a finger. Ridhima was struggling to get out of his grip.

Ridhima: vansh leave me….what are you doing.

Vansh: no!!

Ridhima was pushing his chest but her tinny hand are of no use at that time ” vansh! If someone will see us like this then…I said leave me.”

Vansh came to her ear and whispered ” no one going to see us..” bit her lobe. Ridhima shrank her shoulder and moaned his name.

Vansh: you don’t know sweetheart how much I missed you…let me close to you and stay like this only.

Ridhima stopped moving her hand. Vansh sniffed her scent and touching her right cheek with his left. Both closed their eyes to feel each other’s touch.They remained for sometime.

Ridhima: vansh!!

Vansh: hmm!! (Eyes closed )

Ridhima: let’s go in the party.

Vansh looked at her ” no! I don’t want to go there.”

Ridhima: but I have to go…I have to see all the arrangements

Vansh: Aryaan is there for this. I want you to stay with me.

Ridhima: vansh if Aryaan will see us then he will get hurt.

Vansh: he will not…

Flashback starts….

Vansh angrily marched to Aryan and punched him tight…Aryan fall to the ground

Vansh with anger he shouted on gripping his collar “you ba***rd….calling my Ridhima, Ridhu….who gave you this right”

Aryaan: you both are part away then you don’t have any right to call her your Ridhima….

Vansh again punched him ” I have all the right on her you get that”

Aryaan: she divorced you. You and your family don’t deserve her. You mom never spared a chance to taunt her and you never supported her.

Vansh: I always supported her and I will always support her….and you are coming in my way so get ready to die.

He took out a gun from his waistband. Now Aryaan was hell scared ” sorry, leave me…..if you say I will vanish from here but don’t make me vanish from this lovely world…..”

Vansh: you will refuse Ridhima for marriage.

Aryaan with confusion” why will I refuse her”

Vansh: then die by my hand..

Aryaan: hold on bro!! I will do whatever you say.

Vansh: okay, you are going to say ” no to your and Ridhima’s marriage.”

Aryaan: when we are getting marriage…yes I proposed her but she only refused and said ” she only loves you….she can’t love twice”

Vansh with surprise” what??”

Aryaan: yes bro!!! If she is getting married to me… it’s my luck”

Vansh: shut you clip…otherwise you will not able to say a word.

Aryaan kept a hand on his mouth. Vansh” so my sweetheart is playing with me…but why she left me”

Vansh: do you know why she left me?

Aryaan: because there was no one who want to keep her. You mom…you know her better than me…or jo bhi aata ushe chaar baatein sune k chala jata ki wo tumhri life destroy kr rhi h….and you are also not ready to accept her as your wife….why she should live there and for whom. She also asked you what is the future of your relationship with her and what you said ” I don’t know” you said you can never love her. That day that b*t*h Ahaana also taunted her because of you.

Vansh was feeling guilty for his past behaviour with her.

Flashback ends

Vansh: And you are not going anywhere…you get that.

Ridhima: vansh please leave me.

Vansh: never!!

Ridhima: why are you doing this…

Vansh: because I LOVE YOU Ridhima.

Ridhima looked at him…..” Vansh I am not in the mood of kidding…”

Vansh: I am not kidding sweetheart….I really..really love you.

By saying this he kissed her but Ridhima didn’t reciprocated him due to shock that she received just now….she need time to come in her senses. Vansh bit her lower lip then she started kissing him back. After pouring our all pain and grief in the kiss they parted.

Ridhima was in tears but these were tears of happiness “vansh You love me” she said while crying. Vansh wiped her tears and said ” yes! I love you”

Ridhima: please say this again…

Vansh stepped back and opened his arm looking up .he shouted ” I LOVE RIDHIMA”

Ridhima hugged him tightly and murmured “I LOVE YOU TOO JAAN”


10 dino k baad (😂😂 I don’t why I laughed while writing ” 10 dino k baad”)

A couple is sleeping holding tightly each other. And this couple is our Riansh. After some time vansh opened his eyes and looked at his lady love who loved him even when he hated her present and still loving him in the same way. She faced many problems but never tried to run away and fought with them…so by giving a good reply and shouting at people is not called bravery(not all the time…we can also silently won battle)… are brave and good when you fight with problems without complaining to other that you are brave and not giving up till last. She also fought till last but this cruel world united to defeat her and she was all alone in this battle….now she is queen and won the battle and her love too…..

She won the vansh’s heart and ruling there. Vansh pulled her more close to himself as she felt his grip on her necked body. She opened her eyes with a bright smile. ” Good morning jaan”

Vansh: good morning sweetheart!

He nuzzled on her face and she closed her eyes. He started kissing her. ” vansh not now…i am ready tired…..let me sleep”

Vansh with smile ” I am here to boost you” He pulled her on his chest and tangled his legs with her.

Ridhima: I know how you going to boost me….In night you were already too hard…

Vansh: this is punishment to make jealous and your punishment is not over yet.

Vansh was about to kiss but Ridhima’s phone started ringing. Ridhima smiled at vansh’s grumpy face. Ridhima was busy in talking on phone and vansh busy in torturing her twins. Vansh looked at her and smirked at his devilish idea. Soon Ridhima called vansh’s name loudly and phone slipped from her hand as he bit at br**st lobe. She looked at vansh with Anger and picked phone again, apologised to the caller.

Ridhima: yes, I am coming. You don’t worry I will manage this.

Caller: okay! Come soon.

Ridhima: okay bye Aryaan

On hearing Aryaan’s name vansh expression from smile to change into anger.

Vansh: why the hell he called you this early.

Ridhima: he is my business partner….now leave me I have to go.

Vansh thought ” now I am regretting why I didn’t kill him that day…..if continued roaming around my sweetheart then soon he will meet God”

Ridhima: why are so jealous of him.

Vansh: stay away from him otherwise you will be the reason of his death.

Ridhima: vansh!!

Vansh: go before I say something to you….

Ridhima: why are spoiling your mood….don’t get jealous because of him…I only love you.
She pulled his both cheeks.

Vansh smiled at her and picked her in his arm, …..moved to the bathroom.

Ridhima: vansh what are you doing.

Vansh: let me make my mood.

Ridhima understanding his intention she playfully hit the chest….(please do your imagination work I have written a lot)



Now both are living in Dehradun with love. Vansh left the family because for them society is more important than their happiness. This time he is not ready to leave his happiness for others. He became a little selfish this time so he left his parent and sister. They left them to live with their lovely society and with so-called respect, name.
(So tell me Is vansh did right by leaving his family or not.)

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