Bigg Boss Telugu 5, Sep 28 Highlights: Housemates Perform Captaincy Task; Sreeram & Hamida Win The Challenge – todayssnews


Day 23 in the Bigg Boss house begins with Ravi confronting his misunderstanding with Natraj. Kajal is also upset with Ravi as he nominated her, the latter tries to sort things with her but she doesn’t listen and walks away. 

Bigg Boss takes away all the ration from the house and gives them a captaincy contender task, where the pairs need to reduce weight by performing a series of tasks. All contestants team up in pairs with whoever they want. The pair gaining access to the power room first will get to challenge another pair of their choice in the series of tasks. 

Natraj and Lobo are the first pair to compete with Sreeram and Hamida. For the task, they have to throw objects in a bucket without using their hands. Sriram and Hamida have won. 

With every buzzer sound, Bigg Boss provided a food truck as a distraction during the task, whoever eats it, gets out of captaincy contender. Vishwa chose to eat the food because of his medical condition.

After this task, Lobo was seen eating his bowl of food from earlier in the day which he snuck from the fridge. The episode ended with a promo of tomorrow’s episode.

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