Bigg Boss Telugu 5, Sep 27: 8 Contestants Nominated For This Week’s Eviction Amidst A High Voltage Affair – todayssnews


Model-turned-actress Lahari Shari got evicted in the last eviction round of Bigg Boss Telugu 5. Well, the new week has started which means more of entertainment and drama. 16 contestants faced an open nomination in Monday’s episode. Not one or two, but a total of 8 contestants are nominated for the fourth week’s eviction. Amidst high voltage drama, Lobo, Nataraj, Sunny, Priya, Siri, Anne, Ravi and RJ Kajal have got into the danger zone. 

Priya nominated Lobo and Sunny. Lobo retaliated by nominating Priya giving a reason of their personal spat in the last week. He broke down while explaining how Priya had ridiculed his love story. Lobo also nominated Siri along with Priya. This had created a heated argument between Lobo and Priya. 

Shanmukh nominated Ravi and Lobo. Siri also named Lobo saying how he always tries to gain sympathy. Maanas nominated Lobo and Nataraj master. Swetha and Hamida also nominated Lobo during the open nomination procedure. 

Lobo losing his calm at Priya for the first time during the task was the highlight and it has created an immense buzz on social media. 

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Meanwhile, post her eviction,  Lahari had penned a heartfelt note on Instagram and wrote, “Every journey has to come to an end, and today I’m signing off Bigg Boss after 20 days of proving myself, fighting, getting loved, pampered, support from all the housemates.” 

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