Bigg Boss 15, 21st December 2021, Written Update: Nishant Bhat and Pratik Sehajpal’s massive fight

In today’s episode, Pratik asks Nishant whose name is he asking for. Rashami interrupts their conversation and tells Nishant that she needs to have a word with him. Pratik tells her that Nishant is talking to him and Rashami asks him to not argue. Nishant tells he will nominate Devoleena. Pratik and Nishant get into a huge fight about saving Devoleena. Nishant throws the camera and goes to the washroom and locks himself. Karan, Rashami, and Shamita ask him to come out and he tells them he was a fool to trust Pratik. Later, Nishant wins the round and nominates Devoleena. Bigg Boss announces that Umar, Nishant, Pratik, and Devoleena are nominated and the rest are qualified for ‘ticket to finale’.

Later, Shamita tells Nishant that usually, the girl becomes the priority. Nishant tells Karan he didn’t want to nominate Rashami, so he decided to nominate Devoleena. Rakhi asks Umar if he’s in love with Rashami. Umar tells he just likes her and Rakhi tells she knows something about her but won’t disclose it in the house. Shamita tells Nishant that when Pratik likes someone, that girl becomes the priority. Abhijeet tells Umar that Pratik doesn’t actually care about Devoleena. The next morning, Shamita tells Abhijeet to not talk like he knows everything as she and the rest have survived in the industry for longer and leaves. Abhijeet tells Shamita gets angry when Shilpa Shetty’s name is taken. 

Nishant tells he doesn’t like Devoleena being with Pratik. Rashami asks Tejasswi why she was getting involved in her life. Tejasswi tells she was casually asking if Umar would date Rashami outside the house. Karan reads the next task of ‘ticket to finale’ for the qualified members. The nominated members should protect the egg from the dragon and put the first one to put an egg into the fire will get a chance to nominate one qualified contestant from the task.

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