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Anu sitting in her hall. Vibhuti walks to her with coffee says I have opened new coffee it’s from Scotland and here biscuit. Anu says you have biscuit but it’s nuce coffee strong. Happu Singh walks in says Kanpur police station also have special coffee come with me I’ll give you. Vibhu says what is this we were talking and you disturbing us. Happu says to Anu Angoori and Tiwari have file an FIR against Vibhu. Anu says Tiwari and Angoori came here to clear out all the confusion. Happu Singh says first matter is clear but then he did again and she is crying and Tiwari is red in anger. Vibhu says its lie. Happu says they filed report against you. Vibhu says to Anu he is lying. Anu says if everyone is lying then go and confront everyone and they all go to Tiwari’s house.

Anu calls Angoori. Angoori come and greet Anu and Happu ans calls Tiwari. Tiwari walks in and greet Anu and says why did you bring eve-teaser with you. Vibhu says I’m not. Angoori says yes you are and everyone points at Vibhu that you are eve-teaser. Anu says what are you saying go ahead and prove it. Vibhu says I have known her from many years what should I prove, I never misbehaved with here what’s there to prove. Happu says to Tiwari tell me are you falsely accusing him to take revenge, you must have swear to Angoori as she is innocent and ask her to make him guilty. Tiwari says I never did anything like this ever to anyone, how can you think like this. Happu says I can think anything I want in many different angles to solve the case. Tiwari says here is only one angle Vibhu wink at my wife. Anu says okay and aak Angoori are you accusing Vibhu in all your senses because it’s about his future if he wink at you then I’ll ask Happu to take him. Angoori says I’m saying in all my senses he wink at me. Vibhuti says I cannot do that I can prove it and ask Anu look at me am I winking at you. Anu says nom Vibhuti does same with Happu and Tiwari and then ask everyone to look at me and talks to Angoori and wink at her. Everyone in shock. Happu take out his gun says you are under arrest. Vibhuti take gun from Happu push him on floor, hnad over gun to Anu and run away. Tiwari help Happu to get up and they both run.

TMT beating a man in market says you will eve tease women. Man says from when did you become so pure did you forget who taught me everything. Teeka says you are trying to foold us and beat him. Masterji walks to TMT says you did good after catching him. Teeka says he was giving chocolate to someone’s wife. Masterji says your wife ask for chocolate and you are giving to other women, what happen if someone else gave chocolate to your wife. Man says my wife already ran away with someone else and had his chocolate, I have given chocolate to many women. Malkhan cru says nobody had chocolate from us and TMT beat him. Masterji says stop it now police will take over him and he take that man away.

TMT sit-down. Tillu says we won’t leave anyone who eve-tease a women if he maybe our known or unknown. Vibhuti walks to TMT says please hide me and listen Tiwari and Happu is coming don’t tell them that I’m hiding here. Tillu says first tell what happen. Vibhu says I’ll tell everything first hide tell me where should I hide. Malkhan says go and hide behind tea counter. Happu and Tiwari walks to them. Tiwari says where is that uneducated person. Happu says to TMT Vibhu did a big crime. Tiwari says tell where is he. Tillu says first tell what he did. Tiwari says he wink at your favourite bhabhi. TMT in shock and tell Vibhu’s location. Happu walks to Vibhu point gun at him and says you are under arrest. Vibhu snatch gun from Happu point at everyone, keep gun at table and run away. Tiwari says to Happu what are you looking at go catch him. Happu says can’t you see he snatched gun from my hand. Tiwari says if someone wink at your wife so you will do pooja of him. Happu says no don’t talk about my wife, if someone wink at my wife she will take out his eyes and burst them. Tiwari says no go and catch him.

Gupta in his clinic talking on phone with patient saying there is a stone of 1.5kg in your kidney, I cannot do anything and make fun of him and disconnects phone. Vibhu walks to Gupta says you gave me medicine and from that my right eye start winking. Gupta says it looks normal now. Vibhu says yes it’s normal now but it starts anytime at Angoori bhabhi and I don’t remember when did happen, she caught me doing this and I never realised that I’m winking at her, there are time when people looses control on his body. Gupta says you are right it happens sometimes. Vibhu says even Anu saw me winking at Angoori, please come with me and tell everyone it’s medical condition. Gupta says first I have to do checkup only then I can tell and search for the nerve says you are winking. Vibhuti says I cannot feel it. Gupta says wait I’ll make video and show to Vibhu. Vibhu says you are right and because of that Happu is chasing me, please go and tell everyone this is my medical condition or else my future is in dark. Gupta says don’t worry about your future it’s already dark and says you proceed I’ll tell everyone.

Anu on phone with Menal says I feel like divorcing Vibhu, we are living under one toof from many years but he never wink at me but he is winking at neighbour. Vibhu walks in hear everything and says I never did anything. Anu disconnects call says how dare you to vome inside. Vibhu says to Anu you only said that sometimes peoples see something which have different meaning, I’m not winking at Angoori trust me. Anu says everyone is against you and only I was the one who was saying Vibhu cannot do this but did. Vibhu says yoi are still right I didn’t wink at Angoori. Anu says don’t try to fool me. Vibhu says it’s and medical condition one of my nerve is injured because of playing late night games, so whenever there is pressure on that nerve my eye wink but I don’t get to know that it’s winking so I don’t come to know. Anu says feom where did you got to know this. Vibhu says I consulted yo doctor he told me it’s an rare condition of. Anu says can doctor say this infront of everyone. Vibhu says he will yell in morning. Anu says okay, aren’t you telling lie. Vibhu says I’m saying truth. Anu says okay take mommy swer. Vibhu says I swear on mom I never wink at Angoori. Anu says okay we will get to know truth about you in morning but yoi nees to vome out of this situation, look into my eyes and wink at me. Vibhu try to do. Anu says comeon wink at me go for it, noy happening it’s okay go to bed.

Next morning. Happu, Commissioner and Manohar in police station. Commissioner says you two will be the first one yo go and get bribe. Manohar says Happu take the major share. Happu says Manohar is the one who take most of the share. Manohar says he always give me the leftover. Happu and Manohar arguing with eachother. Commissioner says shutup what rubbish are you talking while I’m here I’ll suspend you two. Happu says it’s Manohar who trigger me. Commissioner says give me a date when you will catch Vibhu and if you get late then I’ll not spare you. Vibhuti walks in says I’m here. Happu point gun at Vibhu says you are under arrest. Vibhu says I came in and officer like you who take bribe cannot arrest me. Commissioner ask Happu to calm down and says to Vibhu you are accepting your crime. Vibhu says I didn’t do any crime then why should I accept it. Happu says he is telling lie he wink at Angoori. Vibhu says it was not on purpose it happen by own, when bhabhi told me that time I got to know that I wink. Happu says what you have clue about this. Vibhu says doctor told me I have an rare condition, evidence is doctor itself he will come here and tell it’s my medical condition. Commissioner says then where is he. Vibhu says he is on the way and ask Happu to do arrengement for tea. Commissioner ask Manohar to bring tea.

Anu says to Tiwari I saw a nightmare in which everyone boycotted me, I think it will turn true and no one will talk to me. Tiwari says don’t worry I’m here I’ll talk to you if everyone boycott you. Anu says you will be the first one in line to boycott me.

Everyone in market protesting against Vibhuti

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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