Asur Stroy: Must read the article before watching the Asur series

Asur Stroy: Must read the article before watching the Asur series

What happens if someone throws a bunch of codes at you and after searching becomes the location of another serial killer murder? Something similar happens with Nihhil who works in America as a forensic expert. The story depicts the plot of the popular Indian psychological and thriller drama Asur.

The series was first released in 2020 and recently the officials renewed the famous Indian drama for season 2. After fans were all excited about the renewed series, we are here to tell you everything that has happened so far. Asur was released with 8 episodes, each with 30 to 40 minutes of screen time. You can watch and binge watch the entire series in 5 to 6 hours to understand the entire plot.

As it is an exciting story, this film has many small and large details that make the whole series very interesting. Follow Arshad Warsi as Dhananjay “DJ” Rajpoot, a genius in research and also a forensic expert in his field. Another protagonist in the series is Barun Sobti, who stars as Nikhil Nair and is also a forensics expert.

The series begins with the serial killer sending all codes and murder cases to Nikhil in America. The series begins as a mouse and cast story where all the forensic CBIs are in a round trap.

If you’re someone who hasn’t seen Asur yet and wants to know the story after hearing Season 2, then you’ve come to the right place. Here everything about the plot and ending is explained in detail about the movie.

Asur: a suspense thriller series!

Ashur 2

Asur is a 2020 Indian web series released exclusively on Voot for the first time. After the movie was released about the Indian OTT issue, the series became an absolute hit. The series follows the Hindu rituals of God and devils. The series received positive response from the public and critics.

Moreover, the Asur starts with the boy and his father dying after being pulled into the river and that’s where things end. Recently, Arshad Warsi and Barun Sobti have expressed their interest in shooting the Asur 2. Both actors have made their comeback in Bollywood through this web series and it has seriously made a great story.

The story of the second season is one of the highly anticipated stories as it contains most of the story and suspense that were not told in season 1. After the end of Season 1, fans were curious to see what happened in Season 2.

In addition, director Oni sen has received numerous awards and even received Best Actor at the Asian TV Awards. The whole story takes place in the holy place of Varanasi and also focuses on the story of the serial killer.

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Asur Storyline: What Happened So Far?

Asur season 2

The whole story begins with the flashback from 11 years ago, when a boy and his father worship. Returning to the house, the father died drawing in the river and his son doesn’t even look sad enough. This creates a new tension in the series and the show starts with great suspense. Now the movie comes to the present where we see a forensic professor named Nikhil Nair who is busy teaching the students about all the important things related to the investigation.

His friend Arjun asked for his help in a major investigation and Nikhil, who was an expert in this, agreed. Nikhil is passionate about his job and prioritizes it over his love and family. His love for work causes many conflicts between him and her wife Naina.

On the other side in India, a man is seen wearing a devil mask and he has just killed a lady and left his corpse to the dogs. The scene might be a little disturbing to watch and I want to warn you here that this series has some of the disturbing scenes that would make your nightmare come true.

Nikhil got a message from a random person with some codes in it. After checking the code, it turned out that the code was actually somewhere where a corpse was still lying.

DJ, another forensic expert, found similarities between all three bodies found in the country. The killer cut the index finger into each corpse and now it was concluded that these three were linked.

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Nikhil and DJ relationship

asur 2 series

The story continues and you will find more suspense in it. All the main lines look like serial killer puppets and the brain just makes them go from one point to another without the story moving forward a bit.

We will also see another important point, Nikhil was once used to work with the CBI agency, but he resigned because of DJ. The conflicts between these two characters are not much revealed and we don’t know what exactly happens that causes Nikhil to quit his job.

When she got home, DJ got a message from her wife that said, “Have you sent a package, check when you get home”. DJ finds an envelope with a pen drive in it and it revealed that the body found actually belonged to his own wife. The episode ends here.

Nikhil arrives in India


Nikhil arrives in India to look for the case. DJ told Nijhilk that her wife Sandhaya was having an affair and they were both going to get a divorce soon.

Another body found in Nagaland has the same mask from all three. Even the murder of DJ’s wife was found dead and they conclude it was all a planned murder.

Finding tired, Nijhuil came to the conclusion that DJ had been made aware of every part of the murder. He believes that all the crimes committed were all committed by someone who is an expert in forensic technology and we all know that DJ is known for it. After finding more, all sources point only to DJ.

The CBI decided to jump in on the arrested DJ for further processing. On the other hand, we saw that someone is watching all these things. Episode two ends here and now we see the third episode starting with the same kid we’ve been seeing since the first episode. The boy named Subha has super powers that allow him to read anything and reminds them by seeing it.

His grandfather decided to visit the psychologist who says that Subh is different from other children and has a super high IQ. after the conversation. The psychologist asks Shubh many questions and as soon as he answers that he wants to become Asur when he grows up.

The psychologist asks his grandfather that he should not learn all these things. Shubh actually suffers from autism and also has dyslexia.

Asur: end explained

The thriller movie starts with a new episode and shows how the criminal locks up Nikhoila and enlists his help to kill all the suspects. On the other hand, CBI has unofficially released DJ to take his help. DJ finds out that the criminal is Shubh who was once a juvenile delinquent for poisoning his father.

In reality, DJ was someone who had put Shubh in jail despite his low age. After Nikhil discovered this, he resigned from CBI because he believed it was illegal and would affect Shubh’s mentality.

In the present, Shubh was thought to be dead as there was an incident in the prison 5 years earlier and all three people were killed including Shubh.

Now three people are put in the room who have limited amounts of oxygen to survive. After finding the criminal, both DJ and Shubh rescue the three people, but during this time Nikhil survived her daughter. The series ends with Nikhil being mad at DJ and saying he was the reason everything is happening today. Nikhil believes that if DJ Shubh’s age had never changed, he would never have been able to do all these things.

The story ends with a cliffhanger and we still don’t know anything about Shubh? There are still many things to deal with. In the last ending where Rasool was looking at DJ and he was also staring at him at the same time, we think something is going to happen.

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