Aayush Sharma was trained by Tiger Shroff’s trainer for Antim’s transformation

While many are in awe of Aayush Sharma’s incredible phyical transformation for his upcoming film Antim: The Final Truth, not many know that the actor worked with Tiger Shroff’s trainer for the same.

A source reveals, “When Aayush Sharma was offered the film and he got to know that he would need to build a certain physique for it, he contacted his old friend Tiger for help. Tiger suggested to seek training from his trainer Rajendra Dhole who chalked out a detailed plan for his transformation. With a strict diet and rigorous workout regime, Aayush trained for months and the results are now not just seen but also celebrated by everyone.”

Aayush Sharma

Aayush Sharma

Rajendra Dhole who trained Aayush Sharma also shared his experience saying, “It was a task initially to achieve the physique that was demanded from his character. Aayush has always been a fit guy but he had a lean body, we had to bulk him up along with the toned muscles and ribbed abs which requires a very dedicated training routine. But the guy has surprised me with his commitment, even for the toughest routines he was always ready and eventually he managed everything with such ease, I’m extremely proud of him.”Recently, the makers of ‘Antim: The Final Truth’ released a BTS video tracing Aayush Sharma’s  transformation from LoveYatri to Antim.  It received a  great response from the audience.

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