5 Nourishing soups and broths to cook when your kid has a cold


We all know of classic feel-good recipes that are a staple in every Indian home when kids are unwell. Whether you have childhood memories of consuming haldi doodh or barley water, you can’t help but wish to continue the tradition of whipping up nourishing drinks for your little ones. Therefore, we bring you a comprehensive list of soups, bone broths and restorative beverages that can be soul soothing. Offer these to your little one when they have the flu to ease their symptoms and offer relief.

  1. Roasted Pumpkin Soup

An excellent soup that can even work as a meal substitute for your ailing toddler, roasted pumpkin soup is gluten free and diary free. While some people opt to boil or steam the vegetable, roasting the pumpkin adds a lot more flavor to the soup. Your little one would appreciate this as a cold usually ensures you can’t taste or smell things. Should you be choosing solely vegan meals and healthy dishes for your baby, then this recipe fits the bill.

  1. Healthy Barley Water

One of the most commonly made home remedies for a cough and the flu, you must make this and serve it to everyone at home. Though it is not a substitute for a meal, it can sooth throat inflammation and is perfect for even toddlers in smaller doses. Make sure that your little one does not have a gluten allergy before making this for them.

  1. Ketogenic Bone Broth

If you are not averse to non-vegetarian food, then this bone broth that uses chicken bones can be a magic elixir. The nourishing goodness of this broth shall soothe your little one’s sore throat as well as fill their tummy. It is also perfect for adults who are on a ketogenic diet. It offers you electrolytes and without being harsh on the tummy especially if you have an upset stomach.

  1. Apple and Carrot soup

Whether your little one is 10 years old or just a toddler, this soup shall nourish them while they are ill. A lovely blend of ingredients that are packed with antioxidants, carrot and apple soup can do wonders for your baby’s immune system. Since it is not heavy on the palate and the spices are mild at best, it is suitable for little ones who cannot chew.

  1. Golden milk

Every Indian has sipped piping hot turmeric milk while feeling unwell at some point in life. All you need to whip this up is turmeric, sugar or honey and milk. Also known as golden milk, this is ideal for consumption especially when you have a cold or the flu. Turmeric has medicinal properties that can restore digestive health as well as boost your immune system. It is a relatively bland, but slightly sweet drink that you can offer your child before bedtime.

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