5 EASY steps to prep up and make your skin winter ready


As winters are arriving soon, it is important to start changing your skincare. It allows your skin to adjust slowly to the changing environment. Winters are just 1 month away, and this means your skin is also starting to react with the changing season. You cannot continue with your summer or monsoon skincare. 


With the changes in season, many other factors change, affecting our skin. Proper care must be taken during these times as it might affect you. With the coming of the winter season, you need to start prepping your skin for it beforehand. 


These are 5 steps that you can start now to help your skin adjust to the changes.



At this time, it becomes necessary to exfoliate your skin and take extra care. It helps to remove dead skin cells and clog pores, reducing breakouts and giving brightening skin. Pamper yourself with face scrubs, face masks, etc., at least 1-3 times every week. It will add benefits to your skin and not let it get dry and flaky when winters arrive.

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Switching moisturisers

You need to switch your moisturisers to creams with a more thickening formula. As winters can make your skin dry, you need the creams to retain long. You can start with a less thick formula and then increase according to the changing air. You also need to nourish your whole body with lotion to avoid dry skin problems.


Adding SPF 

Winters can damage your skin due to many factors. The dry air and the harsh sun rays can make your skin worse. You need to start using SPF in your lotions, moisturisers, or creams. You can also add other products with SPF in them. Most skin gets cracked and damaged during winters which is protected due to proper SPF products only.


Lip Scrubbing

Winters affect your lips as well. They get dry and chapped. To avoid it from happening, start using lip scrubs in advance. It will nourish your skin and also remove the dead chapped skin. Also, drink more water to help get rid of this problem. 


Short Showers

There are a few changes that you need to do in your shower routine as well. Taking long hot showers can be tempting but hot water damages your skin and makes it dry. Opt for a lukewarm shower and make it quick. Also, switch from soaps to shower gels. Soaps make your skin dry. On the other hand, shower gels are more nourishing and moisturising. 

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These were a few tips to start preparing yourself and protecting your skin from the winter season.

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